Length: 3hrs 38 mins

This book is great!
I’ve recommended this book to every one of my friends and at under 4 hours long, it’s not exhausting and you can listen to it in sections.

This is a book I keep at all times on my device because it is always good to listen to if I ever get bored.

It was actually my 1st book with audible.com that I chose to get for my free book 30 day trial-run subscription, and it was the one that convinced me that this whole audio book thing could be pretty decent.

It doesn’t really have a story, but it is designed to serve as a guide to future visiting Aliens for what humans’ understanding of the world was, what we accomplished and how we managed to destroy ourselves.  It has novel points like answering anticipated ‘Future Alien Questions’  …or FAQs, like….

Q: Was it better to be a man or a woman?
A: A man.

Q: Is it fair to say the brain was the most important organ?
A: Errr… in matters of intellect, motor control, sensory perception, and and the formation of personality , yes. …..but when it came to the truly important things….the heart held sway.
Q: But didn’t the brain also control the heart?
A: er… yes, er…technically it,  that ….fine. it… god, whatever happened to romance?

Q: Why were men unable to give birth?
A: errr… their butt vaginas were infertile.

So you can see that some of it is…pretty immature, but in my book…funny.

Or such explanations such as Jon Stewart doing the main narration describing about the senses “Touch was a nervous system feature that allowed us to process texture and temperature.  There were 2 kinds, good & bad, of which only 1 required the implementation of a national computer registry.”

So yep, dry humour.  But you’ll catch yourself chuckling to yourself as you listen to this book.

So yep, the main narrator is Jon Stewart, but like on The Daily Show there are certain cutaways to describe different sections.  These include Samantha Bee, Wyatt Cenac, Jason Jones & John Oliver.

If I were to use 3 words to describe this book I would use –

Dry, Hilarious, Knowledgeable

Dry humour; facts mixed with satire about how people reacted to certain things; and it was surprisingly educating.
I ended up looking up quite a few things that were mentioned in this book to find out more about it, except of course for the tings mentioned above.

Anyway it’s worth a read, and everyone that I recommended it to, and they actually listened to it has told me it’s a great book.

Listen to an audio sample here: http://www.audible.com/pd/Comedy/The-Daily-Show-with-Jon-Stewart-Presents-Earth-The-Audiobook-Audiobook/B0043503QE

Or try out the whole book with a better audible trial run package than I got.

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Happy listening!

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