For a summary on the driving test.

Make sure you have your license before.

Documents required for foreigners to enrol in the written tests for 6-year China driver licenses application in Beijing are as below:
* Original Passport and a copy of passport information page
* A copy of valid China visa with more than 90 days
* Valid Overseas Driving License and a Chinese translation
* Original Beijing Registration Form of Temporary Residence and a copy
* 6 one-inch colour photos with white background
* Driver’s Physical Exam Form – completed by authorized hospital
* Driver License Application Form – signed by applicant     We didn’t actually need this, we just handed in all our documents and the staff at the licensing centre did it for us.


Hospital list here: See zipped file , or attached files below

All forms available here:   See zipped file     , or attached files below

Also in zipped file is a map of the usual crack-down police check points, whenever there’s a world meeting, or they decide that they hate motorcycles again.

Total cost around 250 kuai.

6-9 photos from photo booth—20-25kuai

Medical check – 100 or less

Application fee to take the drivers license –50 kuai

Photocopying if not done at work- 10 kuai  (do it at a university or printing shop, you will get much better rates)

Translation service of original license- 70 kuai

Maybe taxis or buses—depends, but bus & subway~~ 30 kuai


Address of Department of transport & licensing:

18 Nansihuan Donglu, Chaoyang District, Beijing.

18 南四环 东路, 朝阳区, 北京

traffictesting place location

For those of you going on public transport:

Take subway line 10 to ChengShouSi station, take exit C2 and walk directly across the street and turn left. Walk until you find the bus 990 stop (it’s near a hotel). Take bus 990 and after it turns left, look out the window (on the right hand side) for a huge grey building with a crescent-shaped entrance, near a gas station… I think the stop is call shi ba li (something something). Bring a Chinese friend with you if your Chinese isn’t so hot. There was a girl there that spoke English, but I wouldn’t count on it…

For those of you going on a ‘friends’ motorbike

(If coming from the north down to south)  go on the 4th ring road and even though Shi ba li dian qiao 十八里店桥 looks like the best exit, get off at the next one, make a U-turn and then you’re on the correct side of the road for the licensing centre.

Don’t forget park on the sidewalk before going in, because I’m sure they don’t take kindly to someone arriving illegally on a motorbike to apply for a legal license.

They’re open until 6:00 pm during the week and 4:00 pm on Saturday.

Note–  If you fail , you’re straight away allowed to you in and take it again.

Licensing centre test times – from what we gathered – they only run tests on Wednesdays . You can choose either morning or afternoon, but only Wednesday.

From Galen: They don’t have the study guide for the written exam anymore. They gave me a card for a company that sells the English study guide. It’s 70RMB. They deliver. To order the book: during regular hours call 36767890, after hours call 13522765212 I’m obviously going to order the book, and of course once I’ve passed my exam I won’t need it anymore, so if anyone in Beijing needs it, you’re welcome to borrow it once I’m done.

In my honest opinion you don’t really need the book. You just need to go to the website

It’s very good, they have all the questions and have separated it into sections so you can study.

Translation for your original license: According to the office and to a few members of anyone can do the translation of your license, although I think it’s best to do as we did… use an official translation company (because I think they’ll be changing these rules soon)

This is the translation company we used: 365Translation 365翻译


scanning copy or photo upload to

¥70,A working day,express delivery or take it by yourself

advisory telephone:400-619-0365

Note- according to the official rules you need and an accompanying document and the official seal over the translation like this Translation to cover translation dedicated seal, and to provide a translation company business license copy cover seal!

Attention:the seal must be a circle shape,not oval or square

Like this:,but i think the seal in your paper should be more clear than this one.

Just get a colleague/ chinese friend to help you submit this.

Note– I’ve heard from multiple people that you can just do the translation yourself. Which is definitely true for a friend of mine, but in the end, you’d rather be completely legal. If something goes wrong, they’ll be looking for any reason to take you off the roads…best not to give them that reason.

OK I think that’s it.

I recommend signing up and contacting the community for other people that may be doing the license same time, or just done it, to get the latest info.
They’re a good bunch of guys and a lot of them have a lot of helpful information to offer you.

Best of luck people!


Useful files:

approced hospitals approved hospitals 2

Car, motorbike health check form

car motorbike health check form

License application form

license application form

Common traffic police check points. enforcement points beijing1