Right, today a friend and I did our computer test for the Chinese driving license.

After both studying at chinese-driving-test.com    well, we both failed.


Passing mark is 90/100   I got 88 the first time, 84 the second time.

My friend got 87 the first time, 86 the second.

He finished before me.. and I could tell he failed but the sounds of ‘ahhh  fuck’ echoing around the testing room.

Strange, there were questions that although we both know the answers to the questions, the answer that they give you to choose… don’t quite make sense.

Like prison term if you break traffic violations and it happens to cause a death. (yes, in china you have to know how much the prison term is)

The answer. 7 years. 3 years if you still kill someone but don’t break the traffic code.    (so you see it’s not about killing someone as much as its about breaking the traffic rules)

But the answers they give you are non-exact answers, like less that 7 years, less than 3 years, above 7 years.

No- it’s a fixed term  and that term is 7 years.

Also there’s questions in that exam that we’ve both never seen before. hand signals 1

So, recommendation:  study on chinese-driving-test.com  until you are consistently getting 98-100 all of the time, because there are bound to be probably 10 questions that you’ve never seen before. And although you can guess.. you probably won’t be able to guess all of them.

Here is an example… for most of the questions you can apply some logic to it… but things like this… no idea.

He’s pointing to the right, and the answer is ‘waiting to turn to the left’?  ok..

Oh and note to my chinese friends, the chinese test is different to the foreign language tests.  I know this because the guy sitting in front of me only had 60 or so questions to do instead of 100.

Anyway, we’ve got our next test scheduled for the 29th of this month.