Ok so today was the day of my friend and mine’s 2nd attempt at this Chinese driving computer test.

It’s in English..  (because we already have our home licenses)  but as I’ve already said before… that doesn’t make it easy.

A shit load easier that the Chinese motorcycle test all in , & only available in chinese… with chinese logic… but its still difficult.

And… we passed!    Yay!!

So I can officially say goodbye to Chen Tao 陈滔  (my chinese name on my fake drivers license)   (and then name that my colleague and good chinese friend seems to call me because of this, which to be honest is better than my official chinese name)

Well…I could if I actually had a legally registered bike.. so not just yet basically.  But this will come very soon.

You might be thinking… ‘david, you don’t sound like the kind of person who just does things illegally’

And you’d be right, more or less. Basically though, for this.. for a long time anyway.. not now, but a while ago.  This is just how the chinese system worked.. you knew a guy, he knew a guy, you seemed friendly , he seemed friendly…they’d set you up.   And then 350 kuai later you had front and back plates, a chinese drivers license.. and everything matched and you could get fuel .

But now they really are cracking down.  And to be honest I would rather be legal anyway, its just when the system tries so hard to ensure that you can’t be legal.. foreigners  with chinese alike  think ‘… well fuck it , why bother..we’ll create our own system and by-pass the government.’

Which has worked for a long time… but it seems like its starting to not work anymore.

Anyway.   One thing I do appreciate is that the general mentality is that china is all about ‘flow’.
What do I mean by this?  I mean that China generally doesn’t care so much that you’re not 100% sticking by the rules, because sometimes the rules hinder people to do things smoothly, all it really cares is that you are doing it in a way that doesn’t hinder other people from doing what they need to do.

In a way, you can begin to think.. this might be what all this ‘harmonious’ chatter is about, that they keep harping on about.

As long as you do it in a way that is not hindering to others.. .ie.. everything can ‘flow’  then they will not call you out on you doing something “technically” illegal.

To be honest, I think this is a good system. Plus in China, it does kind of have to work like this to some regard because there are just so so many people, and the police can’t enforce all the rules.

Besides, in Australia… it’s not that I’m always a good little boy, and I never break the rules.
It may seem like this, because I’ve never got a speeding fine, or dangerous driving fine or anything like this.  But that’s not to say I haven’t broken the law… I just did it in a way that wasn’t disrupting other people… and was still safe.
For other people in China, I can’t say so much about the keeping safe… but at least that flow is there.

Anyway…. What the hell was I meant to be talking about?

Oh the test.

Yep so, the main thing that we knew we were going to have troubles with was the Police hand signals. You’ve seen that in a previous post.   But basically you can check out this link and see for yourself. http://www.chinese-driving-test.com/study/Signaling_Signs_and_Police_signals/

Ok so on the test, I was lucky and managed to just get the one that is clearly a Police man giving a stop sign. ….. But my friend, got some messed up one, and as he was sitting in front and to the left of me I could see his screen …and what’s more I could see his confusion..

Hell, I was confused as hell, and I’m glad I didn’t get that one.

But anyway, he proceeded to look at the screen, and then turning to the side and moving his arms trying to replicate the man in the picture.. ended up looking like he was practicing taichi in the middle of the class.   Very funny.

I was hoping that he wasn’t going to look at me and ask if I knew… because I had no idea.   But the taichi was amusing.

So passed!   And now we both have our official licenses.  He has his car license, and I have my car & motorbike license for china.  …Hopefully things are going to get easier from here.

And next weekend I’m going with a motorbike crazed friend to look at a bunch of different bikes.

Looking forward to that