Went to the capital museum Saturday for the showing of the excavation from the Western Han dynasty , of 海昏侯.

Pedy, my Chinese teacher and friend managed to get use tickets, which were notoriously difficult to get in fact.  And I really appreciate it because it was really interesting and I learnt a lot. So it’s not only Taiwan that has China’s treasure now. 周六去首都博物馆看考古发掘(西汉朝,海昏侯) 感谢 Pedy 真有意思。哈哈台湾你没把所有的treasure 偷走了[Clap]

Basically, I say about Taiwan, because when the Guo Ming Dang (Nationalist Party) was fleeing Mainland China and going to setup in Taiwan, after the WW2 and effectively the Communist party won the civil war due to better strategy against the other; the Nationalist Party took with it most of Mainland China’s treasures such as all the Gold relics that should populate the Forbidden City.
So if you were to go to Taiwan, their museums are apparently amazing, yet in the Forbidden City in mainland China, that’s why all you’ve got is dusty relics and pots and maybe some old weapons if you’re lucky.

So without further procrastination, here are the pictures:


(Too many people here to get a picture of this by myself)IMG_20160326_100330 IMG_20160326_100928 IMG_20160326_101205

These were the sheep/ horses/ camels…we’re not quite sure what they were that were used as a based to carry the bell chimesIMG_20160326_101614

(青桐釜- qing tong fu = copper cauldron) Very exquisitely made, very beautiful

IMG_20160326_102746 IMG_20160326_104311 IMG_20160326_104410 IMG_20160326_104455 IMG_20160326_104606 IMG_20160326_104612
All the gold pieces are forms of money, however the ones above are shaped like horse shoes and are of special significance although will have to ask Pedy exactly what the case isIMG_20160326_105103

(五铢钱- 5 some sort of ancient weight, money coins)

IMG_20160326_110015 IMG_20160326_110326 IMG_20160326_110640 IMG_20160326_110807  Very intact relics IMG_20160326_112846 IMG_20160326_112854

Really fantastic layout and very nicely presentedIMG_20160326_113527 IMG_20160326_113629

(Jade, I presume)IMG_20160326_113932

(These are the hair pins/ rods that royalty would wear to help them hold their hair in place)