So I’ve found out that my year model of Benelli 600 (the 2012 model) has some overheating problems.

How did I find this out?

Went for a drive to the mountains with 2 friends, Galen & Gordon.  We took the Jingcheng express way, yes motorbikes can use the expressways in Beijing…you just pay. And the whole time driving on that it was fine…but we were going pretty fast so there was a lot of airflow.

The temperature gauge read between 88 & 89 degree Celsius.

And then in the mountains when we were riding a lot more slowly, and carefully because it was my 1st time on this bike in the mountains… you can never be so sure… the temperature was around 96 degrees.

When we stopped for photos I left the ignition on so that the fan could cool it down whilst we were parked.

However we took the Jingmilu coming back because Gordon’s bike had a few problems and we didn’t want to have to stop on the express-way.  So that was stop-start traffic…with not a lot of airflow. So the temp gauge just steadily increased.

I had to ride with my legs out to the side because the engine heat was heating up the whole frame… where I rested my legs, at one point I looked done and it said 104 degrees Celsius.  That’s above boiling.  That’s insane!

Well I finally got it back home and was parking it downstairs and looked down and it was 109, and then the engine just switched off.

So I left it overnight, and came back to a cool engine and tried to start it…. The lights came on, the needles did their little start up thing but the engine didn’t even make an attempt to start.

Now before you start giving me advice in terms of basic things like  ‘have I changed the oil recently?’   I change the oil every 1,000kms on every bike I’ve owned.  So it’s definitely not that problem.  Although that IS a go to solution to be honest.

I’ve done quite a bit of research on this now… because it’s not just a ‘my bike problem’ , its specifically that year model all around the world.

So see there’s a couple things that may work to stop the overheating issue for the bj600gs:

-Remap ECU (I have no idea how to do that)   [but i think this is the big one]

-‘cold’ spark plugs

-racing / high performance , non water based coolant

– changed + better radiator & fan

– a better air filter

I will start researching parts or options when I have a moment free at work

From a Benelli motorcycle forum:

“Now this bn600 are Jakarta ready , they remap the ecu, change radiator, fan, cold spark plugs. And now temp is below 100c, we’ll unless heavy traffic and in the middle of the day can go up to 102 max”

It seems this has been a big problem.

And whats more people all around the world have documented it, and have either contacted Benelli themselves and a Chinese engineer has come out to fix it, and put it back up to spec, or people have just written it off as shit, and stopped riding it.

Then from what I can gather the Benelli plant in China actually did some proper testing, rather than the half-arsed testing and engineering that Chinese companies have become infamous for. And then released the late 2013 model with many things that took the bike from a fancy looking European bike but shit Chinese stuff inside to a fairly decent 600cc bike.

And then the 2014 and later model improved on this.

I think I’ll get it back up to running stage and then try to sell it back to the original owner as he undoubtedly gave up on this bike for that reason.
The thing is though, it kind of works like a lease.

So it might be difficult.   But yep I think the 2012 version and the late 2013 version has much corrected, learning from their experiences around the world.

One of them is a fan that sucks in 20% more air for the cooling, and a re-mapped ECU, as well as changed ECU’s

It seems they did the classic build it cheap… it works for 10 mins therefore it should work for a lifetime kind of thing… and then just put it on the market.

And then people started complaining.

So the thing I’m going to look into for the moment is non-water based cooling liquid, some sort of high performance stuff. Plus ‘cold’ spark plugs (one’s with uprated temperatures)

From the  support group:

I have a buddy here in Changchun with the same bike so I asked him why he does not have to many issues.

He said he did in fact have to remap the ecu. He also changed the radiator fluid to better fluid and rigged a new dual fan setup on the radiator. He had to find one from another bike that “sort of” fit and found a way to mount it. He also said the bike ran much smoother after the remap.

I have a Duke 390 and when they came out they had the same problem. Everyone remapped, got new radiator fans and some changed the radiator fluid. They still got hot but not enough to worry. I have the new model and because the 1 cylinder runs so lean it still gets quite hot. I might even get a new chip for it. I heard they also run much smoother after.

about your bike, I found an article talking about the poor quality of the oil filters from the dealer and how they were restricting oil flow causing the engine to run hot. So maybe you want to try a better oil and maybe a K&N oil filter?

I found this below on line quite easy so I am sure you can make the remap fun and extra beneficial:…benelli/bn-600

As far as the bike not starting. I bet you got the battery way to hot. I have had good batteries get way to hot. Battery seemed like it took a charge, I could see the gauge and turn the lights on but it would not turn the motor over. I replaced the battery and it started right up. So… I would try the battery even if you think that is not the problem.

If you are still having trouble check the solenoid.

I really like the mychinamoto community.

For those that are in China and riding a motorbike, I strongly suggest you join up and take a read, you can ask for help, post rides & routes, study for your Chinese license, find the latest regulations…everything.

Also meet some really nice people through it.  That’s how I met Galen actually. (on the left)

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I will be talking to Adrien (of Blackbridge motorcycles) and my normal local mechanic about this soon…  but first I’ve got to charge / replace the old battery