Hey guys,

So on a whim decided to go for a ride with Galen to the scenic spot miao feng shan.

Its a place he’s been before so I was happy for him to take the lead and show me where to go.

It was somewhere around here:


We found some nice trails off the beaten path and saw a cheap ski slope.

I was on my Shineray 250 dirt bike looking thing with dual sport tyres, and Galen on his Honda cb190r.


He could take the corners way faster than me because I was on dual sport tyres… which as I found out later…were not a good idea.
Sorry 1 picture is a little graphic.
On the one area that doesn’t have leather and hard rubber protection…how ironic

My back wheel stepped out, tried to correct it whilst straightening, then braked again for a corner and it slid out the other way… and eventually i had to emergency brake but still slammed into the guard rail (steel cables) which prevents cars from going over the hillside. Saved the bike from sliding under… but at the cost of my pinkie.

Regardless, it was an amazing drive and very glad i did it.

At the miaofengshan gate.

IMG_20160618_110136 IMG_20160618_112430

At the top of the drive
The little village we stopped at for lunch.  I ate with my glove on, because it hurt taking it off.
I would highly recommend this drive, just don’t be on dual sport tyres.

Also it was fairly close to Beijing. The drive is not quite as engaging as many Huairou mountain roads, but it is arguably more beautiful

I will try to upload the video I took (it’s blog format so it may be a bit long, but onto the sipping from the brewing pot youtube channel.