logical nutjobWell I’m trying to get my mushybrainsyndicate.com transferring over to the other server.

We haven’t done anything for that website for over a year even though we had big plans.

But anyway, the immediate goal for now is to switch over the domain name & website to the server that I have for this one, and then all the projects will be in the same place. And we can hopefully save a bit of money.

Also set up an email account so that I can set up the official ‘riding in China –moto-vlog’ I was wanting to set up for ages.

Basically I want videos that I show to my family and friends on the sipping from the brewing pot youtube channel, and plain motorbike videos (all varieties) some of them that may or may not involve a bit of anger towards other drivers on the mushy brain syndicate one.

The idea on that moto-vlog is to show people exactly what it’s like to drive / ride a motorbike in China.  It’s aim is to be educational or at least semi-educational, with as much factual knowledge as possible, as well as some educated opinions on how things truly work here.

I’ve uploaded 2 videos on the sipping from the brewing pot channel, which will eventually be transferred to the mushy brain one; one just being a drive to visit a friend whilst reviewing my ‘new’ bike, and the 2nd one being an explanation of private & company plates for your motorbike and what foreigners should get.

So you can understand there’s a very specific audience for these videos.
In terms of the educational perspective at least.

I have already written out a whole list of videos that I’ll try to make, from things including ‘how to buy motorbike parts online in China’ to ‘how to behave when you’re involved in a crash in China’ (that last one I’m making now in fact)

I will also partner up with a friend who has a GoPro to do a bit the same as what https://www.youtube.com/user/churchillcustoms  Churchill Customs does with both Serpentza & laowhy86 do.

In fact they make really good videos.

But the idea, or difference with mine is that:
1. I’m in Beijing so it’s a slightly difference driving experience, &
2. Mine is going to be focused more on helping people understand motor-biking in China, not just amazing scenery.

I look forward to getting this up.