Went to the specialised bone hospital  积水潭医院 on the recommendation of the 中日好友医院’s doctor which I visited yesterday.

The Japanese friendship hospital which is yesterday’s one, the doctor didn’t even write out what I was supposed to do, he just told me in person, from which I understood that the procedure is very matter of fact, very simple.

After which I found out… he shouldn’t have done that , and even the pharmacy, or the ‘specialised pharmacy’ that he told me to go to which was at this other hospital, wouldn’t do anything for me unless they had some sort of prescription. …Which I didn’t.  They later told me they couldn’t do anything anyway, if the prescription wasn’t from THAT particular hospitals doctor.

So we thought we’d go to the specialist ward… where its 500 元 for a consultation rather than 7 元 for standard Chinese people and concerns.   But apparently the doctor for the hand wasn’t in in the morning, only the afternoon, but as I’m supposed to have work, I couldn’t do that.

Oh by the way, I say WE, because on the advice of some colleagues I went to the hospital with my teacher and friend Pedy, so she could get any of the things I might miss….like perhaps needing a prescription.

And then at that time a friend- Adrien called me.  He’s just had surgery, a rather complicated one for his collar bone which he injured when he was at motocross.  Anyway he’s at some fancy private American clinic, and he asked for the photos of the X-rays I had,

pinkie broken 2 pinkie broken1 pinkie broken3

for which he then passed them onto his doctors, which confirmed that it was a fracture break, and nothing too serious and that all I needed was a specific splint & clamp for the finger and to keep it straight for a little while.  Of which Adrien already has, probably from previous motor-biking accidents.

I guess I will pick the stuff up tomorrow because it seems he’s been moved to some pretty strong pain medication, and he has been advised to stay another night to be monitored properly.

Check it out.

adriens pain med1adriens pain med 2

So anyway, that’s that.  Hopefully I will have full movement back in a couple weeks.  But it means no riding the motorbike for a little while…..

….or… making a special hole in my glove, so I can poke that finger through.  To be fair there’s already a big hole in my glove anyway from when the accident first happened.

And I’ve got to say, this is my first broken bone.  I didn’t realised it was broken because I didn’t know what a broken bone was meant to feel like.  I thought it would be a lot more painful to be honest.

Let’s see how all of this stuff works out in 2 weeks time.

Oh and my friend with his collar bone surgery apparently has a 3 month recovery time.