My Aunty emailed me today to say that one of her friend’s sons is in Tibet, and that he seems to have a problem with the ‘bot fly’ .  She didn’t explain the problem, but a quick check on Wikipedia involved larvae being laid under the skin and stuff like that.

My Aunty and her friend were asking me if I could recommend something.

Now I have to say, I’m not all that keen on ‘Chinese Medicine’- for the simple reason that I don’t feel like it’s a proved way of curing ailments.
If it WAS a completely proved thing…they would just call it MEDICINE.
There would be no need to differentiate between the Chinese, or ‘normal’ variety.

Same as homeopathic medicine and MEDICINE.  If the former worked like it was meant to ….there would be no reason to differentiate.

That being said, I’ve had to deal with Chinese hospitals every so now and then… most notably because of a few motorcycle accidents, and in reality I wouldn’t discount them so quickly.

Yes, sometimes they prescribe ‘Chinese’ medicine, but the stuff the prescribe really works.

Think about it, they are official medical institutions, for all the bullshit surrounding Chinese medicine, if there is a serious problem they will deal with it with proven means, and they won’t be doing any voodoo anything.

Which brings me to the conclusion that just because it is not proved as far as the ‘Western’ procedures are concerned, it doesn’t mean that it’s not proved in China.

If real doctors, at real hospitals are dishing this stuff out, then there’s a very good chance that the stuff actually works.

A couple of months back I fell off my motorbike (my fault) and injured both my elbow and wrist.  I went to the hospital and got the elbow x-rayed, as it was very painful and had very little movement, and the doctor gave me these little sticky patches that you put on the skin.

joint patch2 elbow sticky patch

I was skeptical at first, yet after positive reviews from a friend, which was actually prescribed these to help his broken foot recover faster, I tried them out.  These were actually prescribed patches that I had to get at the hospital, although I found similar ones at the pharmacy later.

joint patch pharmacy joint spray

Some joint spray if the patches are not working its magi quick enough.  (also officially prescribed by the doctor)bruised leg1

And… they actually worked.  After 2 weeks I had full movement of my elbow back, and after 1 more week had full movement of my wrist back as well.

It even allowed me to go dirt-biking a little while later.

The point is, it that sometimes the Chinese medicine IS quite effective, for example easing aches and pains and recovering sprained joints or whatever.

And that if it is prescribed to you by a Chinese doctor in the international department of a government sanctioned hospital, for a serious aliment, generally it’s something that should be pretty trust-worthy.

So my recommendation to my Auntie’s friend’s son, get himself to a Chinese hospital in Tibet, and go straight to the international department, they will know how to deal with it.

And if it’s a serious situation, they’re not going to prescribe some bullshit, they will prescribe whatever will actually make you better.