So after injuring my finger.  And to be fair I should have gone to the hospital because it was definitely a stitches job.

But I was riding with my friend Galen, and we’ve both seen a lot whilst motor biking, and both like the adventure that a motorbike can bring, and are not daunted by the kind of situations you can find yourself in when motor biking.  So when he and I both saw the injury we were both like ‘meh, I’m sure it’ll heal, we’ll just put a bandaid on it when we get home, whilst we look at the videos we took’

7.picIMG_20160618_124844 IMG_20160618_124316

This is the guy I wanted to do the joint youtube channel with by the way.

So anyway, after about a week it looked like this:


It took 2 days to finally seal, for which is was slowly oozing blood.  I like that word ‘oozing’  .. Anyway, this is why it was definitely a stitches job.

But yep, I’m not the only one that doesn’t like hospitals, and I had things to do.

Afterwards I kept getting told by people ‘oh you should have really gone to the hospital’

‘you probably should have checked to see if it was broken or not’

‘your insurance might not over it if it’s not an emergency anymore’

After which I was like, ‘Yep I know that, for-gods-sake, I know what you’re telling me is true,  but we’re over here now, in the situation where I didn’t go to the hospital, and I have to arrange the things I do whilst living in the present.   I can’t go back in time, and all your mutterings of what I should have done, could have done, or what YOU would have done in my position….is not bloody helping’


Thank you Captain hindsight, but how about we focus on the here and now and if you’ve got any suggestions for how to move forward, then I’d like to hear it.  If not… please, please stop making comments based on hindsight.

In the end I got some good advice from one of my colleagues, telling me that even after 2 weeks, where the skin had healed…and I realised I had less movement in my finger….ie. I couldn’t straighten it, then I could still go to the hospital and ask for their opinion.  Which is exactly what I did.

pinkie broken 2

Yep, so I’ve now got a brace on my finger to straighten the part that needs straightening, because as you know from a different article ,- the trip to the bone hospital & the X-ray before, it was indeed broken.

10.pic_hd 1.pic

But I managed to get the brace from my friend, and as he had a similar injury previously (also motorbike related) then he could show me how to do it properly, and I didn’t have to go back to yet another hospital.

But yep, its healing rather well I think.  With the brace on  I can now straighten my finger.


2 more weeks of this and it should be good.
However there’s going to be some excessive scar tissue.   But I guess that’s just proof that I am a motorbike rider.

C’est normal  uh