Ok so, now that I know I’m leaving Beijing I’m trying to get a few things done that I’ve been wanting to get done, or to visit, or to do for ages.

What’s been checked off the list today?

The Stunt show that Blackbridge / Adrien recommended me to go to.

I was meaning to catch up with a friend for a while, and so I decided I’d take her.  Not entirely knowing if she’d enjoy it, but also kind of wanting to take her out of her comfort zone a little bit.

It was very, very hot today, and very humid as well.
I rode the Benelli 600 to her house which is the one that has the overheating problem, so I was feeling the heat even more than everyone else…especially that I was of course still wearing all the protection gear.
Anyway it was sweltering hot.

And…I kind of knew this was going to happen, but I really hoped it wouldn’t, but when I got there…she wasn’t ready, and then only then started asking… ah what do I need to bring?

By the way, I’d never been to her house before and I got there first time because I had my earbuds in and I’d put her address in Amaps ( a Chinese map software app) and was listening to the 导航 or navigation to get me there.   Worked perfectly.

Anyway, the showing was at 3, we must have left her house at 2.40~45, but we got to the Golden Port 金港赛车场 raceway at around 3.10pm which is pretty decent to be honest… but we may have been driving quite fast.

Ages ago I was asking Adrien for the information and he just said Golden Port, however what I found out only by going there was that it isn’t at the race track specifically, it’s actually just across the road from it.

Anyway, he gave me the WeChat of the girl that is one of the promoters, and she gave me the exact address:

Exact map location, opens in a new tab

And here’s a screen shot:

stunt show map

Golden port racetrack is highlighted with the red circle, and the red arrow is where you should enter the complex.  Basically just open it with your map software on your phone and listen to the navigation.  (It’s in Chinese but it’s pretty easy)

You will see 3 big transformers and then you know you’ve arrived.


Ticket price is 160 元 each, maybe its 168 , but it’s around that figure.  But the ticket price includes access to the show, as well as the ‘water park’ which is inflatable but still looks pretty cool, as well as access to the car museum just next door which is honestly pretty cool.

I think these are the guys that put the water-slide on the racetrack a couple of months ago.

slippery dip 2 slippery dip

I went there solely for the stunt show, but we also checked out the car museum which I would recommend, because you’re there anyway, you may as well.

It seems most Chinese people are there because of the water park, which means that they’re….not exactly dressed appropriately for watching a stunt show.IMG_20160723_162314

My friend was telling me not to take photos….but how could I resist.

The whole show was awesome… despite the fact we were 25 mins late in the end.

The ‘cage of death’ or whatever it is called is done on Chinese motorbikes, with Chinese riders… and is very impressive.


But I think all other riders & drivers are foreigners.

Here’s a couple of pictures:

IMG_20160723_155128 IMG_20160723_155133 IMG_20160723_154042 IMG_20160723_154409 IMG_20160723_155236 IMG_20160723_161434

At the end of the show, they will say ‘ok picture time’ and you can go and take a picture with your favourite person, or check out the cars or something.


Hint: at the end I was talking to one of the guys and said that I had been recommended by Blackbridge, by Adrien and asked if this Spanish guy could tell me a bit about the bikes.
If you do so they’re more than willing to, because a lot of the motorbike stunt- riders did at least some modifications at Blackbridge so they know Adrien quite well.

I met Juanan and he took me through what modifications he’s done to the bike, as well as explained how the situation worked for this particular job.  It’s all very interesting.

IMG_20160723_162529 IMG_20160723_162940 IMG_20160723_162949

Apparently they set the bikes to constantly throttle at 4,000 rpm, that way they can do a whole bunch of tricks whilst not having to touch the bike with their hands…and can run along-side the bike if the want to.

The back brake lever controls the back brake, but only 1 calliper and then they have 2 levers on the handle bars each side, which can also control 2 of the back brake callipers, whilst the one on the other side controls some of the callipers for the front brake.  That way they can control exactly how much brake pressure is needed.
Also all of the frame are reinforced aluminium so it makes the bikes very stiff and strong.  (some of that stuff as well as the reshaping for the fuel tank gets done at Blackbridge)

Adrien told me that when he went, he notified them in advance and he was allowed to be the passenger in the car when they go up the ramp to balance on the side on 2 wheels.  So that’s pretty cool.

I think though, that was a special privilege just for him.

And yep, it’s Juanan’s full time job in China, and the bike is the company’s bike not his, but he simply specified exactly what he wanted and the bought it for him, and then he modified it accordingly.

He rides a 125cc scooter by day.
They put on 1 show every single day, Monday to Sunday.  I don’t particularly know about every other day, but the Saturday show was at 3pm.

As far as I could see there was very little information about this show other than what I could get from friends.  I couldn’t find a website, I saw a mention of it on thebejinger.com, but I couldn’t actually get any information for it or whatever… so it’s not that well-advertised.

However, I thoroughly recommend you use the information provided here and go and check this show out!

Here’s a few pictures of the Water park and the Car museum:

IMG_20160723_163831 IMG_20160723_163909 IMG_20160723_163917

IMG_20160723_164405 IMG_20160723_164409 IMG_20160723_164433 IMG_20160723_164440 IMG_20160723_164500 IMG_20160723_164507 IMG_20160723_164622 IMG_20160723_164643 IMG_20160723_164739 IMG_20160723_165011 IMG_20160723_165021 IMG_20160723_165116 IMG_20160723_165244 IMG_20160723_165400 IMG_20160723_165426 IMG_20160723_165505 IMG_20160723_165551 IMG_20160723_165625 IMG_20160723_165659

I’ll put up some videos of the stunt show soon