Saturday 17th Sunday 18th September 2016

Ok so Saturday, I bought a bike!  Hooray

So here it is, it’s a Yamaha FZR 600 2006 year model.

img_20160917_160042 img_20160917_160047 img_20160917_162219

It’s got a mini windscreen, although it IS still a naked bike.

However, in reality, the one I really wanted is this:


It looks pretty decent and it drives very well. However the journey up there was a mission.

I looked at the map and figured (wrongly) that it was about 30 mins north of the office. Of which the office is 30 mins away from where I’m currently staying.  So about an hour…easy.

What actually happened was I was yelling at the GPS navigation from the car because it kept saying things like:

‘take this exit,… keep going straight……get back on the same road you just exited….now continue for another 70km’ 

, bullshit like that.

I eventually asked the dude at the motorbike shop,
‘would you recommend driving to other countries on this bike, like would the bike take it? ‘
And the reply I got was ‘oh yeah, from here, Germany is only 32km away’

So wtf? I pretty much drove to Germany on Saturday.

Anyway, the bike will be delivered next weekend.

In the meantime I’ll still be driving the company car.
After buying the bike I ‘celebrated’ by eating Mc Donalds.
That makes me feel sad just typing that out.


Driving with my knees just like back in Australia.

I’m finding it difficult to find cheap decent enough food here.

I understand why people say Chinese food is good now… especially when you come from a place like the Netherlands.

Oh and coming back, I stopped by one of the racetracks in the Netherlands, which as it turns out is only 12km or so from where I live.

But yep, it was 7pm by that time and it was closed… so these are the only photos I got.

img_20160917_200458 img_20160917_200945

img_20160917_201007img_20160917_201458 img_20160917_201627

Sunday was a brilliantly sunny and beautiful day, and as I did my ‘chores’ for the weekend…ie. Buying a bike, I was free to relax.

I ended up cooking lunch and sitting outside in a comfy chair whilst having a long awaited Chinese lesson with Pedy via WeChat.

img_20160918_121033 img_20160918_121109

I was trying to get back a little bit of my ‘natural’ Australian skin colour.  Which by the way for all those who have met me overseas, is actually a golden brown instead of lily white.

However after 5.5 years of living in Beijing and basically not seeing the sun…..because of one reason or another….my skin has reverted to a very pale white.
And in all honesty it looks like I have some sort of sickness.

Even Chinese people…who like to have white skin look at my skin and say
‘your skin is so white!’
although, not in an envious kind of way.

It seems however that I took a little too much advantage of the sunny warm day…


Next weekend I think I will actually have to myself.  Woohoo!