So as a few of you know, I’m trying to get a few of the videos , vlog i’ve been taking since living in Beijing up and online.

My vlog is called Logical Nutjob and it’s aimed at people who are riding a motorbike in Beijing or at least want to, or…are just curious about what it’s like to ride a motorbike in China.

You can find the list of videos so far here:

However one video Channel that I’ve been paying attention to since being in China and when I’m away from China is by a South Africa guy who goes by the nickname Sepentza.

Here’s a link to one of his videos, (he’s been receiving a bit of hate as China is getting a bit closed off recently)  but I think it’s important to show my support

Me: Awesome man! keep it up. the way you portray china is bang on for anyone that is living in china. Yep its closing itself off a little, but the smart chinese already know this, this is not news to them either. in fact to them, your videos probably aren’t worth watching…because its just like watching life. and everything you talk about is nothing really new for those chinese that have a vpn and have the opportunity to view this from it’s original source. But to the 五毛s & obviously they’re 五毛s because there’s no way that people with those opinions & that level of education/ comprehension would ever find their way onto youtube to comment if they weren’t endorsed by a propaganda directed entity, who cares?… they’re clearly uneducated, yet directed. I can understand that when these douchebags copy the youtube video onto chinese video sharing sites, ‘the masses’ suddenly have access to it, and THEN it becomes a problem. but douchebags will find a way to continue being douchebags, whether its stemming from ignorance, insecurity, propaganda or plain old stupidity. Keep up the un-biased videos and those of us that live or lived in china will keep watching. You’re doing the rest of the world & china a favour by showing everyone, as you say – how it really is. big support man

Sepentza is also active on  which is a go-to website for all your China motorbike problems, and queries, and I also highly recommend it.

My own username on that is 1288711    not entirely sure why I chose that username, but whatever.

Also check out Sepentza’s other Channel Churchill Customs (he started his own custom motorbike company)

But he and his friend (who goes my the nickname C-milk) talk about what it’s like to live in China, and kind of notifies you of things that you may not know about unless you live, or have lived in China.

I honeslty highly recommend this as well because there’s honestly some very realistic and unbiased insights into how the situation really is like in China.

Plus they do all his whilst riding around on motorbike in Southern China, which is for sure more beautiful than the North, where I lived.

Here’s a video on hotels that they did, and my additional thoughts.

Probably should have mentioned something about youth hostels though. For me, Chinese hotels are a no go, because they essentially have Chinese quality control, if it’s not good enough for the chinese, then why should anyone else put up with it. But Youth hostels, especially International youth hostels have to conform with international standards, so generally offer a way better experience than a high rated hotel. That would be my top tip. Plus people working there can speak English and will happily organise tours etc. Of course this only works for 1st-3rd tier cities. Places like Jilin (Jilin city, not the province) you won’t have such luck…but then again, I wouldn’t recommend that place anyway.

Plus if you stay in youth hostels, you’ll meet fellow like minded travellers both Chinese & foreign. Hotels, not so much, and often very rude service


another great and very true article. Good info that all those wanting to do some REAL travelling in China should know about