Recommended for the weekend….in the Netherlands….

So, as I normally do, I ask my colleagues each Friday afternoon what their plans are for the weekend.

Part of reason why I ask, (because Chinese colleagues were often confused why I was asking…as if it’s not a normal thing to do) , is because
1. It’s polite…create discussion in the office environment, and
2. Because it can give inspiration for what I should maybe be trying myself.

If they are going to do something amazing, then perhaps I can try to do something like that as well.

As expected, I got the usual answer from my more Chinese colleagues, which was “nothing, just sleep…and relax, the usual”

But then a guy on the other side of the office piped up and started telling me about ‘magic truffles’   , as he explained, apparently ‘magic mushrooms’ were made illegal in the Netherlands…because they are psychedelic and of course can be dangerous when you’re not in the right environment.  Something about a French girl taking them and then going for a swim and drowning.
So they were made illegal in the Netherlands.  …Yeah the country where everything is about freedom (except for speeding) they made magic mushrooms illegal.

However… and here is where it gets interesting, the law stated that ‘any fungus growing above the ground that causes psychedelic changes of state of mind is to be made illegal’
Or, something to that equivalent.

But… truffles, which grow entirely under the surface of the ground, are a convenient loophole kind of thing… so they’re legal.

Anyway, as this guy was telling me about this, my operations manager sent me a link on wechat.

So, I thought… hey why not?

So Saturday afternoon I went to the shop

outside-shopmushroom-fridge truffle-types wechatimg35 wechatimg36 wechatimg37

And I talked to the guy for a long time, because I don’t do drugs, I’ve never really had the inclination to try actually… I don’t smoke, and although it can be said that I DO have some rather big nights drinking occasionally, as many friends will attest to, I’m not a serious, everyday kind of drinker.
So I wanted to comprehend as much as I could about this, to kind of understand how the whole experience was going to be, and see if it was really something I wanted to try.

Really nice guy at the shop by the way, I even got a little reading material.

So what did he say?

Apparently the ‘trip’ would last for about 4 hours, he said get yourself in a nice safe environment before you do anything, and have certain things on hand… so for example glasses of water, maybe eat a little bit.
Oh and it would take about 40 minutes to kick in, because of course you ingest it, and it has to digest.
And he recommended to watch ‘kaleidoscope’.  I didn’t know what he meant at the time…but I just nodded.

So, I finished my work, and then I ate half the box of truffles, as advised.

Straight after that I cooked and ate dinner, and then set myself up with glasses of water, my computer, a blanket and I think that’s it.

And then after a little while it started to kick in.
At first it was just a sensation of feeling hot and cold at the same time, and then thinking… ‘oh maybe I’m one of these people which doesn’t really get affected by this’

And then it really started to kick in.

And now I know what the guy meant about Kaleidoscope, he meant the kind of patterns, and morphing shapes with kind of psychedelic music which you can get on YouTube.

For example I listened and watched this:

As much as I can describe, your mind just starts racing…and it seems the main topic of thought is consciousness, and reality and your existence within all that.

I now have some appreciation…well no, not appreciation, but some understanding for those mumbling weirdos you sometimes see on the street.
It’s as if you’re thinking so much, so fast in your head…like whole stories, whole conclusions, but by the time you get to voicing any of these thoughts you’re already 3 quarters of the way down your thought process, and you’ve started migrating into a different line of thought… and so all that will come out will be “but that’s why he has the lamb”

And then you realise how strange it would be if someone heard you say that, with them asking “what lamb?  …who is he?…what are you talking about”
and then you try to justify or explain it to them …but now you’re not speaking, and then you’ve gone off on another wild thought process in your mind…and are lost again….with perhaps a quick ‘heh heh’ laugh that involuntarily escapes.

Oh yeah and because you’re thinking so much and your thoughts often progress to other thoughts so rapidly, the only way I can describe it is as if you’re dreaming whilst awake.

It’s pretty insane to be honest.

And then you’ll have things / questions that pop into your mind and because of the magic of YouTube, whereby you have instantaneous visualised answers on your hand… you can get the answers you seek very easily.

Which is why I was brought to these videos:

Amazing stuff, highly recommended

(neo isn’t the one)

This one I had to stop the video half way through because the guy was making too much sense, and then because my brain was thinking too much…I literally has tears rolling down the side of my face because of too much thinking…

So I paused it, and went back to the ‘kaleidoscope’ video.

Eventually I got onto these 2 as well.

(the matrix has no escape)

(skynet is coming, terminator)

Would highly recommend this channel.

The guy did mention, oh yeah you should be able to do the basic things normally , like go to the bathroom etc.

But I’ve got to say it’s a strange thing, because you literally forget that you’re meant to go. Your mouth dries out a little, and its like when you’re really, really tired, sometimes your phone will vibrate and someone has sent you a message, but because you’re so tired, even though you want to reply you don’t, instead you end up going back to sleep and having a dream that you’re replying.

It’s kind of the same here… you want to do something… and you think you’re doing it… but you’re not…but you’re dreaming about it.

I would probably say… avoid mirrors though.

As I said, your main topic of thought it consciousness, the state of existence and your place in it… and looking into a mirror only seems to exacerbate that.  Especially when the mirror is on the way to the bathroom.

My advice, take some pictures of stuff you find amazing, songs you listened to, write down some thoughts you thought, or conclusions you came to, because it really is a self-learning experience, you would hope you can remember what you learnt.

wechatimg39 wechatimg41

Because I’ve got to say you’ll come to many revelations… and be like:
‘yes, I WAS right, it is all about the centre…clarity IS the most important thing… I can’t capture that properly…’  blah de blah
.. but as soon as you come to that revelation, you’ve forgotten the original question which took you on the mind adventure which brought you to that conclusion / revelation.

So being able to focus on anything, and come out with some kind of new appreciation or new insight is a pretty good thing.

Oh yeah, and what the guy said was right. He said ‘when you wake up in the morning you will fee refreshed, like you’ve been reset or something’.
And he was right.
The only way I can imagine it works…is that your brain has done all the thinking, in fact all the dreamlike thinking you’re meant to do when you’re meant to be asleep, that that’s already out of the way and done, so when you do actually go to sleep….its just blissful not distraction sleep.

Pretty good.

Would I recommend this?

Basically, yes.
It’s definitely an amazing experience.
Prepare yourself as much as possible for what it’s going to be like, and make sure you’re in a safe environment.

Note. It is not something to be done every day….or even every weekend.   It’s something to try, and something to kind of relax to.

Oh and the taste?   It honestly tastes like mix between almonds and walnuts.  Not bad.  Not good either, but at the same time… given what it allows… I would have thought it would taste terrible…so that was a pleasant surprise as well.