Plot outline

Some wicked smart Professor dude creates a Robot- calls him Endirhan, plans to win the scientific commmunty’s highest award for Robotics or something. But wait… there’s an evil arch rival professor dude who wants to see the first professor dude fail. And there’s professor dude #1’s fiancé which now Endirhan is falling in love with.
Its an Indian movie so there’s dancing- but does Endirhan do the robot? That’s the big question.
Do you laugh your arse off? or do you fall asleep and not realise you’ve missed anything as you’ve fallen asleep during one dance sequence and woken up during another dance sequence 45 minutes later?

  1. Why does it deserve you attention?
-Best insane car chase ever. You thought Bruce Willis was good… hahah no.
-Amazing end sequence fight scene. He’s a robot- he’s controlling other robots…he can do anything!!
  1. Suggestions-
Indian movie= lots of dancing for no real reason.
Although the 1st one is kind of fun to watch, skip the rest. Trust us, otherwise you’ll be asleep like we were and almost miss the end sequence.
  1. Some sort of complex rating system-
Too long (….dancing), not shit enough for our liking, But… there’s a few scenes that certainly make up for this.
We give it 3 dolphin unsafe tuna cans.
It would greatly help if someone edited the dancing out, and then you got really stoned.