So I found out something interesting today.  And that is that The Netherlands don’t really sell cold medicine.

I know this now because currently I have the beginnings of a cold and to stop myself from having the sore throat, and painful blocked sinuses I was going to take the normal dose of cold medicine.

In Australia I would take Codral, in China I would take Tylenol, however in the Netherlands.. you know the advanced western society that allows access to marijuana etc because there’s no good reason not to ban it, apparently doesn’t allow you to buy Cold & Flu medicine over the counter.

Also apparently, around 50% of pregnant mothers give birth at home not in a hospital with trained medical professionals.  So that’s interesting.

And the ‘reason’ I got for this was, oh yes, it’s more natural like this.

Well yes, true, but at the same time dying at the ripe old age of 34 is more natural as well….that doesn’t mean that we should all do that, especially when we have been specifically advancing society so that it takes some of the pain and tribulations of ‘natural life’ away from us.

To be fair, the 1 or 2 times I had to go without cold medicine, sure…it wasn’t fun, but I wasn’t sick for such a very long time afterwards because my body had built up the antibodies themselves and not had any help from the cold medicine.

I asked, well what about the pain that comes from blocked sinuses, or sore throat or whatever?

Oh, it turns out you’re allowed to get paracetamol easily, but I presume the idea is that you’re not to suffer from the pain, only so that your body becomes stronger by itself.

And the only thing the doctor prescribes you is plenty of water and plenty of rest.  Which to be fair, is actually normally lacking when you’re taking cold medicine.   You take the medicine, feel instantly better…and then forget to drink the water, and still don’t go to bed early.  However, I would guess if you did exactly as you’re supposed to do, you’d be feeling better in no time.

Or….well, after the standard 7 days or so.

So, I’ve decided bugger it.  I’m going to drink as much water as possible, and sleep as early as possible and do things the natural way.

That being said I’m not giving birth naturally any time soon.