-When you go to register say to them ‘new license’ & foreign.   (apparently if you have your car license already and are wanting to extend to it, they will suggest you do that…wait the year and then do the other. But if you say ‘new license’ you can just go straight ahead and do it.

So it will mean that (at least for a year) you could have only car, or only motorbike.

-Get your 6x photos from your local photoshop and get them to email you a softcopy

-At Dong Fang you can go for 2 wheels or 3 wheels  (the 3 wheeled one is slightly more expensive but it will allow you to drive a 2 wheeled one as well, also there will be less people in your group)

-Foreigners can only take the test on Fridays apparently.

– the school runs from 9-3.40 pm and on weekends

-Daniel says for the actual test you will have to go on the rail twice (needs picture)
[the rail is an elevated rail in which you will have to balance your 3rd wheel on this, effectively up in the air to show that you have decent balance control.]

– If you are taking the D license (side car/ 3-wheeled license) you will be practicing on the new Jialing 750 (the only real side car you can buy and drive legally in China)

-The 2-wheeled practical test is actually much easier

Tips from Daniel: for the 2 wheeled practical  they will give you ancient practice bikes,
in both situations (D, & E) be careful of the clutch at low idle speeds

-If you are a foreigner you HAVE to choose the VIP service package which is 1000 rmb more, which means that the total is 3,000rmb.
However the VIP service does give you access to the ‘foreigner centre’ in which there is free coffee and refreshments as well as apparently nicer handling.
Its nice that if this is a service you HAVE to have, you actually get some sort of special service, as most of the time foreigners pay an extra ‘foreign fee’ for absolutely no reason.

About registering

-pass your physical test (health test), then take it to one of the schools outlets, like East 4th ring road to register or Dongzhimen. (You don’t need to go to the actual school)
The outlets look a bit dodgy and properly registering is a bit of a hassel, but better than having to go down to the actual school.

The registration office will keep your passport for a week because only Beijing traffic bureau can approve your registration.
Daniel suggests- that if you are constantly travelling ask the registration office when they actually hand it to the PSB (usually on a Thursday) and there’s a good chance you can shorten this process

Daniel also states ‘don’t take shit from them’ , remind them that you have no choice but to pay for the VIP service, and so anything where they say… “ermm I’m not sure, you can just ring the school”
Just tell them, no. I don’t know the right person to talk to, you’re the one that’s meant to provide this service, so you can call the school/ traffic department to verify these things.

Visa status:

Everyone says that you must have at least 90 days left on your visa when you register, which means that technically you can be on a tourist visa, however everyone I’ve ever known to take the test has either been on a working visa, a marriage visa, or a diplomatic visa (which is essentially a work visa for diplomats)

We’ll get back to you on this..

For process of tests according to Daniel

2 written/ computer tests – these 2 are pretty much the same.

1 practical test

1st test is meant to be ‘How to ride safety/ laws 科目1

2nd test is meant to be ‘civilised riding’ 科目4


Practicing for the computer test

Daniel found out that the best app to practice for this is ‘驾考宝典’  (jia kao bao dian)


With a picture of a blue Lamborghini in front of it.

You are looking for the 2015 version.

So you may need to search on the Chinese app stores.

Basically the practice questions in this are the actual test questions.

Don’t let anyone tell you that this website is better, or this app is better, this app has the actual test questions.
They’re not re-worded or changed in any way, they are the actual questions.

Maybe the sequence is different

So instead of a.) aaaa b.) bbbbb c.) cccc d.) dddd ; it might be
a.) dddd b.) cccc c.) aaaa d.) bbbb     but that’s it.

Therefore Daniel suggests just go crazy with the app.

“you can get to a point where you just see the format of the question, and you match it with the format of the answer”

Once you get to this stage you can treat it like a game. And in fact the app treats it like a game as well with daily rankings from people all over China with who got the best score in the quickest time.

Daniel said that on the day of the test before he got to the school he ranked # 1 in Beijing, and # 3 in China.  (although it was 5.30 am)


It takes a while, but you can take practice tests or ‘learn’ and it will tell you the answer and why

About Dong Fang

http://www.dfss.com.cn/#/   (Dong Fang Shi shang –literal translation = eastern fashion)

Eastern Pioneer driving school

-Dong fang has many shuttle buses to pick you up (it takes roughly an hour to get there, as its located in Daxing)
1st bus is at 5.00am, last bus is at 7.00am  and goes every 15 mins in between

Otherwise it’s about 120rmb for a taxi from Sanlitun

At the end of the day there are shuttle buses to the nearest subway station

-the actual school is like a university, on the campus there are peacocks and geese walking around

There are hundreds of buses and thousands of students. This is because this school does everything, you will see people taking their car licenses, bus licenses, truck license and motorbike licenses all in the same place.

The school is privately run, and the owner has a degree in hotel management, and it shows as this school is all about customer service.  It is well renowned as there is apparently no corruption as compared to the government led schools.

-it is the biggest driving school in the world