So after about 2 weeks of trying to join the audible affiliate program, because as you know… I love my audio books…   and after being chucked from one side to another….which is very unlike amazon, normally amazon customer service is very good.

1 guy actually asked me what an affiliate program was on the phone and then I had to explain to him what it was… and its like he was learning on the phone what his own company offers…   very strange.

So anyway, I finally got put through to the right person.. and she was able to help me out.

So I signed up for my amazon affiliate program, included is the audible affiliate program and it essentially allows people that go through my little link to get 2 free audio books instead of 1 when they sign up for a free trial.

So each time I write a review on a book and I say something like..’this is fantastic, you need to listen to this book’  you can click the little banner…and you will be directed to a page where you can sign up 30 days free, and audible will give you 2 free books.

And… audible provides me compensation for any of the people who use my special links [embedded on my site] for signing up for a trial.

Now you may be thinking… why would you tell us you’re getting money for us clicking on your link?

Well, you don’t even have to sign up for a paid account..  you can literally sign up for the 30 day free trial, get your 2 audio books, and then quit, and then you still get to keep your audio books.   And…your helpful friend still gets rewarded with the ‘advertising incentive’

Basically an affiliate program works in the way that a person who is a member provides reviews, detailed articles on a product and then provides a link to the product should the reader want to view it / purchase it for themselves.  It is essentially providing free advertising to the company.

If you are an affiliate member though, the company, like amazon in this case, acknowledges that you’re doing them a service by reviewing products , saying good things about them, and bringing people that wouldn’t normally come to their site…to their site, so their reward you by paying that advertising fee to you.

They would normally give the money to an advertisement agency who will advertise on a mass scale, but in this way they can use individuals and market en-masse to very niche sections of the population and if all works out well, they may even save money by doing this, because there’s a chance I can reach people that the big companies can’t reach, and person B can reach another group of people that the big company also doesn’t get through to.   So it’s a win-win.

I know whenever you hear win-win, your cynical mind kicks in and thinks… this sounds suspicious… but in this case I think it works out very fairly.

In reality I’m recommending books to friends and family, the kind of people that come onto my website, and if they decide to check out a book for themselves, they can have it for free.  Any money that is gained from Amazon, I put back into the website to keep it running.

Of course how amazon / audible is thinking, is ‘we’ve got a good product, people will be drawn in by the reviews, and the offer of 2 free books…but chances are they will keep their free subscription till the end of the 30 day period to see what other benefits they can get, and to see if its something they really like… we are confident of our product and we hope they continue to a paid membership’

That, in a nutshell, is essentially their thoughts on offering this deal.

And…quite honestly, I can recommend it whole heartedly!   I’ve got a subscription and I love it.

Plus, perhaps a few of you can tell me about your audio book recommendations and we can post some of your audio book reviews here too.

Anyway… after finally getting this offer, and figuring out how it works.. I had big problems getting it to show up on the website.

This website is my personal project and I’m learning with each step of it.  A friend of mine, Maxime, is a programmer and website developer and he had been integral to making sure things keep going in the right direction.

Big thanks to Maxime!

So after following the simple steps and still not getting it to work.. all you’re meant to do is copy the html [lines of code with all the banner advertisement info inside]  and then paste it into the wordpress editing page.

However every time I did that I clicked ‘update’ I couldn’t see anything.

After asking Maxime this, and him eventually logging into the site to see from his side.. he was like “ohhh I see whats going on….”

In fact…here’s the exact conversation:


So yep, my own google chrome’s adblocker was on, so I couldn’t even see my own ad.  The thing I worked so hard to finally get working… and I ad-blocked my own ad.


So… simple request… if you would like to take advantage of 2 free audible books… please turn ad-blocked off for my website.

I don’t intend to have any other advertisements apart from this.

I like audio books….I want you to like them too, and there’s a chance to get 2 free… although you can’t if you can’t see that offer…because of adblocker.

I will also try to find a work around, so you can still see what you’re getting, and have a link that goes to it so it doesn’t get ad blocked.

There’s meant to be an advert below which is a link for you to get 2 free audio books….if you can’t see it, ‘allow ads’ or ‘disable adblocker’  from your adblocker software on this website.  

Happy listening!

If not… then click this link:
Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks

It worked!