Ok so what is Cultural Nonsense?

It’s a podcast started by some of my friends back in Perth.

Nick Sword otherwise known my his handle –Record Sword, was thinking about it for some time and then just decided, ah fuck it, let’s give it a try.

So he bought the recording equipment, microphones etc, organised a bunch of friend to come together and record some ramblings.

A valiant effort I think. I think it takes great courage and drive to have something that you want to do, and even if you don’t 100% know how to do all of it, to take that 1st step and try and make something of it.

Joining Nick, are his friends Matt and Dom  as well as on occasion mutual friends Tom, Peter, and my brother Steve.

And they talk about …nonsense of course.   There are topics that they try to keep to, like talking about Australian bands or video games or things that they saw on TV or whatever, but let’s just say all these guys are people that I would normally hang out with, and my mind is pretty erratic…and with these guys we get along fairly well… so that’s saying something.

So everyone is from Perth, Western Australia; they all have the same general values and culture, that is –representing Australian culture, and in specific Western Australian culture.

To be honest it’s great.  It just like hearing friends talk about general crap, get side-tracked, and then talk about even more crap and… its hilarious.

All with an Australian flair.

Oh and it turns out Nick was checking out where the IPs are coming from to see from what parts of the world people are listening to the podcast.  He was very happy at the start to see that he had people tuning in from the Netherlands, Singapore, Japan, USA and Moldova or something.

But I had to tell them that it was most likely all me, and that’s because I couldn’t access it when I was living in China and had to turn on my VPN and jump around to find the strongest server at the time.

So total listeners so far, maybe 2….other than the people that actually made it.

But it’s nice because they give a shout out to me each podcast and tell me things to check out and everything.

It’s like having a 1 sided conversation with them.

Matt actually recommended the book Hyperion Hyperion_DanSimmons_cover, for which I’ve bought and will listen to it as soon as I’ve finished my current book.

Nick actually spent a fair amount of his childhood in Oman, and Peter spent a fair amount in South Africa, so that influences their opinions a little bit.

Everyone watches a fair amount of TV, and I think all are into The Bugle podcast (where John Oliver got started) so you can see the kind of things that may come up.

So far they’ve made 9 episodes, all of them running from 50 mins – 90 mins… so there’s a fair amount of content that they’re covering…..a fair amount of nonsense, and it is a work in progress like all things 1st starting out, but that being said it’s pretty funny and I would definitely recommend it.

Anyway, check it out:


I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn a bit of Australian culture, those who are up for a bit of a laugh, or non-native English speakers that want to get used to different accents.

I’m looking forward to more podcasts from Cultural Nonsense and perhaps even participating in a few of them via correspondence.

If anyone wants to be involved.. give me a message, and we can get you involved.