As a Dutch friend that lives in China told me about… because she’s more in the know that I am, I went to the Utrecht Motoren show last Sunday, the 26th of Feb.

Would have loved to have gone with someone that also loves motorcycles and would have loved it not to have been so far away.

At 1 point during the day I was actually trying to convince myself not to go, but then I saw the into video and realised I kind of had to.

I missed all the performances, but I did get to see the bikes that I wanted to see and ask the questions I wanted to ask.

Anyway, here’s some pictures, I put the bikes that I really like in big pictures.

IMG_20170226_170235 IMG_20170226_170655 IMG_20170226_170402 IMG_20170226_170459 IMG_20170226_170915 IMG_20170226_171231 IMG_20170226_171415 IMG_20170226_171427 Yamaha T7 concept

IMG_20170226_171449 IMG_20170226_171503 IMG_20170226_171608 IMG_20170226_171625 IMG_20170226_172429IMG_20170226_174422 IMG_20170226_174437 Now owned by Shineray (Chinese manufacturer) but built at a BMW plant in Europe, with hopefully EU quality control….but Chinese parts..hmmmIMG_20170226_170506 IMG_20170226_170519 IMG_20170226_170619 IMG_20170226_172454 IMG_20170226_172647 IMG_20170226_172736 IMG_20170226_173036 IMG_20170226_173050 Great looking, fully prepared track bike.

IMG_20170226_173200 IMG_20170226_173223 IMG_20170226_173231 IMG_20170226_173311 IMG_20170226_173735 Really comfortable bike, this is probably the only cruiser bike that I would consider getting.

IMG_20170226_173840 IMG_20170226_173922 IMG_20170226_174011 IMG_20170226_174021 IMG_20170226_174033IMG_20170226_174954 IMG_20170226_175052 IMG_20170226_175141 IMG_20170226_175301 IMG_20170226_175319 IMG_20170226_175516

Ducati Hypermotard – amazingly comfortable and great riding position

IMG_20170226_175558 IMG_20170226_175634This feels like a 300cc, amazingly light, amazingly well balanced, really compact machine

IMG_20170226_175702 IMG_20170226_175834 IMG_20170226_180507 1