authorities description

I think that particular summary is incredibly well written.

And so it should be, it’s written by Scott Meyer, the guy that wrote the amazing Off to be the Wizard series!

So after those great books, what did I think of this one?

Well, it’s no Off to be the Wizard, but it’s decent.

And I know, I know, I shouldn’t judge this book on the back of the other books this author has written because it is indeed and entirely different concept.  However … I don’t know.. I just expected a little more.

The narrator is the same as before- Luke Daniels, and as always he does a great job.

You can actually hear some similarities with the characters voices, which is nice.

I liked the book, and to be honest if there was a follow-up book I probably would get it because it seems like an interesting concept.  Just that after following the Magic 2.0 series (Off to be the Wizard) ….well I was hoping for more.

Not meant to be a negative review, its just I was hoping for a little more from the author.

To be fair, maybe I should listen to it again to give it a fairer appraisal.

Would I recommend it, is the big question?

Yes, and no.  For those of you that loved Off to be the Wizard, and loved all 3 books, then I would recommend it.  It’s light hearted just like those books and provides an entertaining listen…. However if it was a stand-alone book, I might not recommend it.

That being said, it is light hearted… but I feel it just wouldn’t be a universally loved book.

Besides there are so many amazing books out there at the moment.

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Happy listening!

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