The 3rd instalment of Swords, Spells & Stealth called Going Rogue is out and its great.

It’s a fantastic continuation of the series and it picks up just where Split the Party (2nd book) left off, there’s no real explanations of where they were, it just continues, it’s great. It feels like it’s a book made for the fans.

I would recommend this book, of course provided that you’ve listened to the 1st two books. npcs_drewhayes_cover splittheparty_drewhayes_cover

Between listening to the 2nd book and waiting for this 3rd book to come out, I listened to the whole Fred the Vampire Accountant series, also by Drew Hayes, for which they mention that the list of paranormal laws and regulations as well as guidelines is actually available in the real world publicly designed in plain sight as the rule-book and guidelines to the Swords Spells & Stealth role playing game.  …Which of course is this book series.  So I was very glad to learn about that particular parallel between 2 of Drew Hayes books. FredTheVampireAccountant3parts_cover

I in fact hope that there’s going to be a lot more cross-over between these 2 books series because the Fred the Vampire Accountant world is great, and I think it could only get better if they combine the two.

Both worlds are of course unique but I would love to see a cross-over book.

Anyway, what happens in this particular book?

The group (find out more information about the group here) enter the Grand quest, which is to ‘free the kingdom from a rogue dragon’.  I’m giving away a slight amount of information but not much more than what you can guess by looking at the front cover of the book. Plus it’s all in the spirit of creating intrigue for you all to listen to this book.

So, to get to a stage where they can enter the Grand quest, they have to have completed quests that show enough skill to be deemed worthy of taking up the Grand Quest.  They have thus far gained their experience by accident, which includes fighting demons, their half-Orc wizard becoming a proper mage, fighting powerful priests ordained by an evil god, and have done all of this simply by trying to help the people around them.  They don’t necessarily look for trouble, but of course it finds them.
They are just trying to find their way to recover pieces of a special artefact that has the potential to change the link & balance between their world and the world in which people playing the game ‘Spells ,Swords & Stealth’ the real world are in.

Anyway, let’s hope that’s enough intrigue.

So what did I think about the book?  Other than me just saying that it’s great.

Well let me just say that I’m not normally into fantasy books, I much prefer the Sci-fi genre, of Sci-fi fantasy, but this is pure fantasy with Orcs and a combination of role playing dice games that I was never really into…and to be honest always thought were a bit dorky, but this is great.

I was also a bit reluctant to listen to part 3 because I had recently listened to so many great books before including We are legion, (We are Bob): The Bobiverse, which I can’t recommend highly enough as well. WeAreLegionWeAreBob_cover

But I’m really glad I did. Drew Hayes is such an amazing author.  In fact, I would highly recommend anything by this author, including even listening to him in podcasts and interviews talking about how he writes or constructs all the different books he’s writing.

Every single book I’ve listened to of his is fantastic. The twists and this latest plot direction.. even though you could see coming was great!

I will write an article on Drew Hayes and all of his books soon, I’ll put up the link as soon as I’ve written it.

Here’s the link to the audible page where you can take a preview listen, and read some other reviews if you wish:


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Happy listening!

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