So I have a friend who has a similar line of thinking to myself, and we’ve both got some more open minded opinions on the possibility of Aliens and the possible creation of our world.

From my own erratic minded ponderings, the movie Prometheus ..the introduction scene was like a realisation, or at least confirmation that other people believed that the creation of life on this planet, could have been the work of a race of very intelligent beings that sought to terraform a planet to their liking, or … just for a scientific experiment, or whatever.   (the picture above is actually a scene from Prometheus)

Many religions in my mind are very limited in thinking only that this world is the centre of philosophical thought, that our world was created before any others.

But I believe that if you think bigger than that, bigger than just this world, mixed with rational & logical thinking as well as scientific evidence, it highly possible that not so much this actual world, but perhaps life on this world was created by an intelligent race.

It could be that they put the building blocks of life there to begin with, and it is just chance that produced the great many species and kind of lifeforms that earth has; or that they designed the beginning of life on this planet from the very beginning and certain lifeforms were meant to/ were designed to evolve to certain stages.

Humans have always been hesitant to believe anything they can’t comprehend. Understanding and believing of course is different as you know, the same as accepting, believing and comprehending are all different.

My mum accepts that what dad tells her when he says the reason you can have a telephone conversation with someone in England is because the radio waves are bouncing off the stratosphere (or whatever) and are received the other end.  She doesn’t have to fully comprehend it to accept it. And I don’t have to know what the name of the different layers of air are to know that that’s how it works. 


To believe something, people can just trust the source it comes from, or … not have enough reason not to trust them….but, it doesn’t necessarily make it true.

But many people that believe in religion can’t comprehend the answers given to questions they have about how the world around them works, and so are ready to accept something more simple. , (or at least simpler to them)

But if it was the case that humanoid aliens came down to give guidance to the human race, or just designed a robot that took the form of a human, and used their modern technology such as terraforming, or hovering, or machines for healing or whatever, then as people’s minds back then didn’t even have the foundations to begin to understand how all of that was happening, then it is very likely that people filled in the gaps themselves, rationalising it in their own way for how it may have worked.

That old phrase, “god works in mysterious ways”;   Mysterious yes, in the way that people can’t necessarily comprehend it, or at least don’t have the level of understanding to begin to comprehend it.

They will believe what a trusted source says that a divine being had healing powers – which under analysis from being able to understand it… that sentence could indeed make sense.

A divine being had healing powers.   The divine being = one of the creators of life on the planet, or at least a representative for that group; and healing powers = the ability to wield and understand the machine that allows such healing to be made.

A divine being smited those that were bad. Or ‘god’ as it may have transitioned to, smited someone.  Because 1 god was easier to believe than many creators working as a team.

The actual story could be more like:

A much more intelligent lifeform which happened to be one the creators of life on this planet removed a specimen of life for which they felt would cause the progress of their experiment to go in a negative direction.

(Done by using a weapon that shot electricity perhaps)

Or maybe they depicted themselves in a way that made them seem divine, perhaps they knew that was the best way forward for self-development- development and innovation through conflict.

It’s not that difficult to think nowadays that with humans’ recent advances in science and technology that somewhere in the future this ‘creator’ title could be added to human achievement.

With what humans (as a race…not individually of course) are capable of now, cloning, tissue generation, artificial insemination, gene splicing etc. flight, nuclear fusion, … if there wasn’t so much greed in the world and people were a little more enlightened then in 50 years…to more like 100 years’ time, if this current rate of innovation and discovery continues it’s not that difficult to assume that humans might also discover ways to terraform, insert or even create life on other planets.

Plus as well, if the current rate of greed also continues, it is possible that we will need to do such a thing because we will have destroyed our own planet anyway.

Stress sometimes pushes scientific development by forcing people to take chances.

I found out that the Raëlian religion loosely believes in these concepts, but I’m not too sure to what extent.

There’s also a great book that I read/ listened to recently (I really got into audio books in the last 2 years) called ‘We are legion, we are Bob: The Bobiverse’  that deals with this concept as well as Von Neumann probes [self-replicating space ships].

Here’s the link in case you’re interested.

It’s a sci-fi book that is very enjoyable, I think mainly because it deals with things that I have been thinking about for a while.  And has a go of answering those ‘what if’  ‘could it be ..’ kind of questions, but answering them with reason and logic and the experience and wealth of knowledge that we currently have. .. Rather than of course people had 2,000 years ago or whatever.

As to the higher level philosophical question, obviously my ponderings here doesn’t help explain any of that, but it is a completely different question in my mind.  The different levels of consciousness exists at a higher level and also all around this situation as above, however yep, different topic in my mind.