1. I recently subscribed to Peter McKinnon because his videos are not only very helpful for figuring stuff out on photoshop and Premiere Pro but it’s how he says it, and how excited he is about he projects and what he wants to teach people.

I think he is one of those natural born teachers.

This particular video he is stressing the importance to ‘get your work out there’.  Emphasising that it doesn’t matter that it won’t be as good as it is in your mind, or as perfect as it can be. What IS important is that you start taking those shots, start making those videos, start getting those things out there, and then you’ll become better and better just by doing.

Which I think is correct.

Anyway, it’s a good watch, and I really like the guy.

2. This is another video from Peter McKinnon.   He’s basically talking about his road to get to where he is now, and how this applies to many other people.

For me, I originally thought I knew what I wanted to do, but everytime I start to go on my way of putting that thought into action, I find out it’s not what I actually thought it was.

Of course each one of these stumbles takes me on a different pathway, each crappy job, just as McKinnon says, takes you in a different direction, you learn from your experiences, you become open to things you wouldn’t normally be, you see opportunities you wouldn’t see if you went down a different pathway, you get into hobbies that you wouldn’t if you chose anther path.  And ultimately with any luck, you’ll find something that you truly want to do.  THAT’s what McKinnon is trying to say here.

McKinnon asks himself, ‘would I change the way he came to the conclusion that this is where he wanted to be?’

For which he states, even though a lot of the jobs he worked were crap, they MADE him the guy that he is now.  Some of them made him get to the point where he went ‘fuck this shit, I’m out’, some introduced him to new hobbies, or great people.

And I think this is fundamentally true.

I have a much broader experience from living in France, a place that I originally had zero intention of visiting, and why did I live in France, because my ex-gf was French, and after my degree I decided to live with her, which required moving to France for 11 months.
And how did I meet her?    In China, whilst I was doing my language exchange.
And why was I doing a language exchange and studying Chinese in the 1st place?
Because I took a trip with my family to visit my uncle and his family who had been moved to Beijing for the company he was working with at the time.

And after moving back to Beijing with my ex, the 1st and only job I could find at that point in time was teaching English in Kindergarten… from which I actually found, for all the jobs I’ve done, this was actually the most enjoyable.

The point is in my last 8 months in Beijing I found a group of people that I really liked, that introduced me to a bunch of things that I love doing.

My website is made possible by a friend Maxime, that I used to work with in a website design company.

My Motobike vlog was inspired by a friend Louis that introduced me to such things, and suggested that we could get great content if we filmed how it is to drive in Beijing, and as someone with an actual license I could be someone to teach others.

The teaching of Kindergarten allowed me to be creative and combine a lot of these things together.

My Aunty having a farm and having a mini-motorbike up there, plus living in place with shitty cramped public transportation meant getting a motorbike was inevitable.   And there were go, each decision, each crappy job, each place that you hate, each thing that you love, can potentially take you somewhere amazing later.

Oh one more, … me trying to get my real Chinese license due to stricter license checks in china, led me to get my Australian motorbike license,.. which inspired my dad & brother to get theirs’, (as I did mine in only 11 days from start to finish), and whilst finding material for studying for the Chinese test, I met my friend Galen, who had just taken the test and was giving away the test book for free.

And from a couple of rides together, THAT is how we decided to make a joint motorbike channel, for which we are now learning Adobe Creative Cloud suite, including Premier Pro and Photoshop which is why I’m checking out these Peter McKinnon videos in the first place.

3. https://markmanson.net/passion

The title is Screw Finding your Passion
But in fact the article is about just doing the things that you want to do.
It compares your adult life to your life as a child.
The innocence of doing something because you wanted to do it rather than going through any kind of analysis of  ‘is this really how I should be spending my time as a child’, if you wanted to make leaf soup… you would do it.. and then you would offer it to your mum, because you saw her making soup previously.

It analyses that as adults we always ask, and are asked by others ‘is this really the best use of your time?’

Usually the answer comes back as ‘no’  and you don’t do it, you don’t feel better with this justification, because you still really want to do it.  So you end up doing something else that is objectively ‘a better use of your time’ whilst putting aside something you really want to do.

And why do you put it aside?
Because ultimately it comes down to… not being able to make money from it.

This isn’t so much in the article but it’s what I took from the article, what it inspired me to think about…

Because regardless of whatever people say, money does make you happy.  The phrase that is often quoted is “money doesn’t make you happy”

But in fact the true phrase should be ‘money doesn’t necessarily make you happy’

Something that my dad explained to me a long time ago, money simply give you opportunities.  Opportunities to buy something you really like, the opportunity to eat something really nice, the opportunity to travel somewhere and experience something you really want to do.

Have money IS important.  Because ultimately if you don’t have enough, you will NOT have a good life…   sleeping under a bridge because you don’t have enough money.  Yeah no shit that’s how it works, a house you pay for in money, food costs money, even water now costs money.  You can’t exchange these things for ‘passion’ or ‘fulfilment’;  it is money.

So why are you told to put these things aside, these things that you actually want to do?  Because it apparently detracts from the ability to make money.

Now back to the article.  Mark Manson, the author asks… ‘how do you know the thing you really want to do won’t make you money?’

‘Have you ever tried?’

What are you supposed to do?

Well, he states… probably that.
How do you know you can’t make money from it?
Have you ever tried?

How do we know what is a good use of our time?  Without delving into obvious not good uses of our time… like I don’t know … just seeing how much raw spaghetti you can eat.

If everyone just trusted what everyone else said was ‘the right way to go about things’  ‘a good use of your time’  then you wouldn’t have any innovation.  How can you go out of the box, when people are telling you to keep crawling back in?

How do you create the light bulb, if people tell you that everyone is content with the candle?

Also, unless they have experience in exactly that… how do they know you can’t make money from it?

Yes the title is called ‘screw finding your passion’  but it should really be ‘find something you really enjoy… and try to make it work

This article really inspired me to go ahead with my vlog, I ended up making a big plan with my partner-in-crime for the motorbike channel, and writing out in detail what we have to do, and how we are going to achieve it.

And it’s coming together.

People have told me, that it’s not worth my time.  That simple free video editing software is the way to go, and ‘you don’t need the professional stuff’…. But what do these people really know?   What do these people really know about your ambitions, about what you want to achieve, about what you could learn from this experience, about the potential even to make money?

And more importantly, will this make you happy without jeopardising anything serious?
Well then give it a try.  And if you can get to a point where you start trying to make money from it, then even better.

4. As a Man Thinketh 

Read my review here.

But essentially the main point from this is that it showed me that I needed to do more self-reflection to truly know myself, before I can know what makes me happy.

I think that is quite true.

5. Netherlands halucigians.
(Yes was in the Netherlands, and ‘tried’ it as it is Legal and safe here)

I’ve written about this here.

But essentially you go on a journey of self-discovery due to thinking about yourself, your place in the universe and consciousness and to be quite honest its very revealing.

This, THIS, not anything else, not articles about health or whatever, is what convinced me to join a gym.

Because I basically realised that even though I don’t really care what society thinks of me, that doesn’t mean that society doesn’t still judge.  And whilst I also don’t care about their judgements, that doesn’t mean that those judgment can’t have a real impact on your actual life.

You wear clothes that you are comfortable in, no matter where you are, there will be someone judging you …thinking that ‘that’s a person that just isn’t proffessional’  ..even if it is YOUR weekend, and you are on YOUR time.

So, I joined a gym, and my outward appearance is becoming what society wants of me…regardless of whether I really care about that or not, and therefore less negative judgement later on.. which as I covered CAN actually have real negative effects on your life that you do actually care about.

For all of you thinking, ‘oh I would never do …drugs, because they are bad for you, only bad people do drugs’

Well for 1 you’re showing your naivety.

And 2, how do you know that?   You’re going on what other people have told you, that you’ve got no personal experience of your own…   awesome… that sounds like a logical choice and conclusion to come to.

Let’s all believe in Jesus too.. because several people 2000 years ago wrote a book.

If you don’t have the proof, the experience yourself, and you weren’t able to get it from a reputable source… how do you know that?

‘Oh but the government told me.’
Like the same government who is wasting your tax dollars?   Do you really think they know best?  Be smart about it, don’t just swallow a kg of cocaine or whatever dumbass thing you automatically think is what ‘druggies’ do, do your research and find out for yourself.

That being said, as the realisation I’ve already come to… people are going to judge anyway…. Regardless of the fact that it is stupid, and doesn’t concern them, or even that they could learn something or better their own lives by accepting rather than judging…   but the thing is ..because they judge regardless, means that eventually there will be consequences regardless as well.

If 80% of society thinks one thing, regardless of whether you ARE actually right, you will be persecuted in some way, held back…just because you continue to go down your own non-majority path.

The world is flat says 99% of the people. Pythagoras..or whoever says its round and proves it somewhere…  even though he is correct, it doesn’t mean that people that believe it were not still persecuted.

The point is that society has a majority-accepted view of things, and anyone that goes outside of that is potentially judged or persecuted in someway, regardless of all of this contradictory ‘everyone is different, its good to be different, be who you are, think outside the box’ kind of stuff
No..  ‘Be how we want you to be, and then you can be different.
But you have to do that in secret, manipulate our beliefs…and then we’ll be ready to accept anything other than the majority.’