Picked this up today.  My friend Louis has been telling me about the RPHA-11 which is more or less a comfortable light weight racing helmet.  Which does look amazing, but for the Netherlands I need something with a bit more sound and heat insulation.

So I went up to Biker Outfit in Amsterdam, talked to one of the guys, and got this.

So as you can see it has the flip down sunglasses visor… which I didn’t really want, but it’s pretty decent to have.

It comes with the anti-fogging pinlock thing.. which is pretty cool.  The periphal vision is pretty good (actually a noticeable difference as compared to my previous helmet)  but the thing is, where I normally wear a medium, for this one I was recommended a Small because it needs to be really tight, and apparently this particular helmet is one size smaller than most.  So if you normally wear an XL, then you’d wear an L with this.

Anyway, great sound insulation, and just driving back from Amsterdam it feels a lot lighter on my head, move manoeuvrable. Difficult to fit headphones in though… or even my actual head, although normally it takes about a month to loosen up to your head.

Apparently it’s only 1408 grams.  And the difference between this and normal helmets is the protective covering is fibreglass or as the website says ‘Carbon & carbon glass hybrid fabric’  instead of the normal plastic shell.


I paid 350 euro.  Which is not cheap, for sure…however, I have needed a new helmet for a while, and something that is very good quality, and will last a long time is something that I can justify spending money on.

There are many different designs, but if you go for the just plain black one, it’s a saving of 50 euros. ….and then I can put my own graphics in it later if I really want… muhahaha

I looked at some of the reviews when I got back, and apparently its meant to be a very, very good helmet.  I just hope it gets easier to put on and take off soon.

According to the ‘what I want to buy’ little article I made a while ago… I would say.. I’m pretty much done for the year.

The only thing I need to organise now… are the holidays.