I finally, finally put the might car mod stickers on my bike and helmet, the ones that steve gave me for my birthday I think 2 years ago.

For anyone that doesn’t know mighty car mods… its 2 Australian guys that run a youtube channel for which they provide mechanical and modification advice that can be done on the cheap to car enthusiasts who want to learn and do things themselves.

The 2 guys are Marty- the real mechanic kind of guy, and
Moog- a music producer who has since got into this because of his friend Marty.

Here’s a choice clip

They favour Japanese cars, as is the usual style in Australia, but they will work on anything.

By the way, this show is watched all around the world, and I would seriously recommend it.

They are sarcastic and fun, and one of the things they do is when they overtake someone else, they put their hand out the window, make a scissor action and go ‘chopped’.  It’s like sarcastically saying you got overtaken, my car is too good for yours, even if you only slowly managed to pass them.

So that’s the sticker I put on my bike and helmet.


For the bike, there’s very limited space, but I think it works well because I will pass people with me being on the left (driving on the right in the Netherlands) so they will be able to see this clearly.

As for the helmet, I just bought this helmet, and it’s great… but the plain black is a little boring.  So now… chopped!