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Steven Seagal Roles: Actor, Producer

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Note. There is not a single tank in the entire movie.
Classic Seagal.

A Good Man, is another Seagal classic.  And I’m obviously talking about classically hilariously bad, and slightly mental.

Because classically good… well that wouldn’t be a Steven Seagal film at all.

The plot, …. We follow Seagal who in this movie he is called Alexander, however I really never referred to Seagal by the character names…just as Seagal.  (I like to imagine that its actually Seagal doing all these things in real life… and we’re just watching episodes of his actual real life experiences.)

Anyway, in A Good Man, Seagal is a covert operative running some operation in an undefined terrorist wasteland (Wikipedia tells me it’s a province of Russia called Dagestan) The target is to stop an arms dealer, but it goes wrong, and US missile blows up the house but allows the arms dealer to get away.  Some guy called mr Chen.  Yes he’s Chinese.

Then Seagal is in another undefined European city. We know its somewhere in Europe because the buildings are old and they are using Euros… but I’m not sure if we ever really find out where it is.  (Wikipedia this time just says ‘Eastern Europe’.. nice)
And Seagal looks like he’s retired… but we soon find out that he’s been trying to get at Mr Chen by taking out his monetary supply, by disrupting the local mafia that has business dealings with Chen.

And by disrupting, I mean brutally killing them with a sword and leaving the character 鬼佬 (derogatory term for ‘foreigner’ in Chinese)  and a bunch of incense sticks to send ‘subtle’ messages to Chen. 

The police once again have no idea what’s going on.

It’s about this time that we’re introduced to Sacha who is working for the local mafia to pay of his father’s debts and to keep his step-sister and her child safe.

He just so happens to be ex-US military and all manner of fights break out.  Seagal ends up stealing a case with 300,000 dollars in it… again to send Chen a message, and Sacha gets accused of stealing money from the Mafia and a hit is put on him, and step sister taken into custody…

The plot and production quality is actually pretty decent, but when I said this is a classic Seagal film, I meant it.. so there are a whole bunch of confusing lines, pretty hard-core fight scenes, and weird scenes that is clearly because Seagal wants to do or say a particular thing… even though its not necessarily important to the story.

I think it helps that Seagal not just acted, but helped produce this movie.  Seagal doing production, I think is key to a good Seagal film.

For example, it is THIS movie in which he says the line:

“I will snatch every mother fucker birthday”

Watch the priest’s face.  It looks like he wasn’t briefed on what Seagal’s lines were.  Even he’s confused.  it’s hilarious

This has stumped Seagal fans for a while, but when there was an Ask Me Anything interview on reddit.com, we all finally got the answer… even if it doesn’t make much sense.


I would seriously recommend reading that article, there are some very funny questions Seagal chose to answer.

Seagal doesn’t have his sweet orange glasses as seen here in Absolution, but does have his trusty sword plus his leather 1 size to big trench coat.

You’ve done it again Seagal!

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