(trying to learn something new with an erratic mind)

I have to say that since… the… magical adventures, plus writing that massive article about how an erratic mind… and my mind works… I have been a lot, I mean a lot more productive, and a lot less stressed.

Basically I’m working WITH the way my mind works instead of persevering with the way that a mind is Supposed to work… you know, for ‘normal people’.

I did explain in some serious detail in that article, but let me explain in a quick summary now.

Basically I have hundreds of thoughts floating through my mind at any particular time; I have so many things I want to do.. .and of course only so much time in which to do everything.  Then take out all the time that I need to be at work… and doing worky things… and then I’ve got even less time.

I believe it is because my mind is ..in my own words, erratic and thinking of all these things and wanting to do so many things… but society tries to push me into the ‘normal’ way of doing things, that I end being a procrastinator.

All this time I am talking about myself, yet I know there are many people like me that are suffering from the same situation.

It’s as if you’re left-handed… but people keep pushing you to do things in a right-handed way.. . and then after you inevitably have mass troubles… people just conclude… ah yeah…stupidity.

Note. I don’t get people telling me that… but I feel like I am seriously disadvantaged for trying to improve myself. I really struggle at that.

Here’s a list of things, big projects and little projects that I want to learn, because I want to achieve something.

-learn French
-review all of my Chinese flashcards, and get my Chinese back up to standard.
-Learn some Chinese songs by heart for Chinese karaoke
-Figure out how the hell to use Mailchimp
-learn the basics of PHP programming so I can do everything I want to do with my website
-learn after effects properly to start putting in amazing effects into my videos
-learn premiere pro for the same reason
-research my business idea properly, and make a white paper with the research & proof
-start-up an e-commerce company with a Chinese friend + a French friend.
-finish all articles so that I’m ‘caught up’ with old articles
-finish all older videos so I’m ‘caught up’ with my moto-vlog
-Learn both Moonlight Sonata & Sonata Pathetique for piano
-Improve my memory with memory exercises

I know that all these things will add to my happiness, and add to what I want to achieve in the future.

But…  how likely is it that I can actually do all of these?

I mean these ARE things that I want to achieve… and I EVENTUALLY will do all of them… I hope.

But out of all of these only 2 could be considered what others consider to be ‘work’.

Considering that you sleep for 7-8 hours a day, and you work for 8-9-10 hours a day (the latter includes travel time to and from work).  Then you’ve got at a minimum 6 hours & max of 8 hours to do the things you want to achieve.

Now 6-8 hours each day is in fact a lot of time, but not when you consider you have to eat… and you SHOULD relax and do normal socialising stuff.  So have you really got that time?… of course not.

Plus.. when you’ve got a mind like I do… there’s a very good chance that even though these are your self–chosen things you want to achieve, because you are having a hundred thoughts at once.. and everything is so accessible these days… you get lost in finding out answer to questions you don’t need to know the answer to.

How has the ‘leader of the free world’ managed to embarrass himself and the citizens of his country today?

-Really shouldn’t care… but it IS pretty funny.

What happens to ducks when they die?   (this is an actual question I thought about when walking past a duck pond recently)
-I have never seen a duck that has died from natural causes… I figured in a country like the Netherlands…where there are no more predators anymore… where do the old ducks go?

Do they just sink to the bottom of the pond?  If you wade into a duck pond.. would you be walking on dead duck carcasses?

Yeah, this is the kind of stuff that is just impromptly rolling through my head.

The point here is that its very difficult to focus, even if you are working WITH your mind, and try for some self-improvement.

Also considering that the world generally works on the schedule of normal people… it does limit the erratic mind a little.

My example in the previous article was that if a manager used to managing normal thinking people tries to use the same tactics with a person with an erratic mind… then results will be pretty terrible due to the large amounts of stressed generated from trying to stick to a ‘normal’ work process.

However, consider another example, if the erratic mind is satisfied by doing…when it wants to do things…  (That is an important point.. its satisfied if it can get the answer NOW, not when other people decide)

…then say we want to get in shape.  Now. I want to go to the gym NOW.  but the gym opens at 8 in the morning, and closes at 10 at night… well then my little ambitions for getting fit when I want to do it… which quite conceivably can be 1 in the morning..3 in the morning whatever…then clearly we’re not going to do it… or do it with less enthusiasm then we would if we had done it at what time OUR brain dictates.

With less enthusiasm brings a higher chance of not continuing to do whatever it is that you set out to do.

For those of you that have no idea what I’m talking about… and think I’m not making any sense, or have no sensibility in how things ‘actually work’ , well then I can tell you quite simply, that you do NOT have an erratic mind.

That’s not bad at all.

In fact society is setup to work with for the way you think.

But just know that for a few of us… the road to self-improvement is a much more difficult one than the ‘normal one’ that is meant to be laid out.

Have a go at talking to someone that you know gets distracted, procrastinates easily.. and see what’s tumbling around that mind of theirs.   They might be hidden geniuses… just incredibly limited by the world they find themselves in.