Ok, so the title is pretty self-explanatory.

I wrote before about my no sugar challenge, for which was honestly very good for me.

I’ve since given up:
-drinking coffee   (don’t want to be addicted to caffeine or all the sugar that goes into making it taste decent)
-drinking tea,
-stopped putting pinches of sugar into food…(some Thai dishes usually recommend that).
-stopped eating chocolate,
-as well as really overly sugary foods like donuts…especially the glazed variety.

So.. in the end it was very beneficial and I’ve changed a lot because of it. I feel more awake during the day, and my stomach doesn’t do weird grumblings all the time. My appetite has also increased.  I often eat 2 lunches, plus breakfast & dinner… which helps for going to the gym later.

So anyway.. on the account of that challenge being a great success, I’ve decided to start another one.

This week I’m doing no hot chocolate (still too much sugar)… + I have to write and put up an article every day.

I’ve had a huge list of articles/ book reviews that I’ve wanted to get finished for a while, and so hopefully this would make a big dent in that list.

I’ve got articles from this time last year, and even further back that I never got around to.. so I think this is my chance.

I’ve been putting them off because these are important stories that I wanted to tell, but I wanted to tell them properly, and I always felt if my heart wasn’t in it, then I wouldn’t do the events justice.
I want to write them.. just unfortunately I’ve found distractions that’s prevented me previously.

For a little taste, I put up the Spells, Swords & Stealth (NPCs) series review yesterday,
I’ll be putting up the Drew Hayes Novels review some-time today…it is..pretty long, but in depth.

Plus, also in the list is:

  • Fin & mine’s motorbike trip to Qinghuangdao….that dreaded trip in which so much stuff happened
  • The story of Fin disappearing (technically this article is up, but it’s not finished in the way that does Fin justice)
  • My Ordos experience from June 2016, motorbike track weekend with full pictures
  • An article about ‘the logical process’
  • & either an article about ‘how to get your Dutch license with the transference’ or a review of the Star Wars audiobook, the Force Unleashed

Let’s see how it goes.

Just at looking at some of these stories… it’s a lot to bite off for 1 week.. but that’s what challenges are for right?

Oh & next week.. it will be to learn something about WordPress, programming, mail chimp….anything that helps the website… each day.

On the 12th of July I’ll be leaving to travel back to China to catch up with friends… so that might make things a bit difficult too.