I thought I’d provide a bit of insight into the drive up to Ordos    (I think I’ll make a short video as well because I know you don’t all like reading)

Adrien’s new house, he has a racing bike in his bedroom…awesome!

Trucks in the way at the very beginning

Overladen trucks everywhere








China may have pollution, but they’re sure trying hard with their renewable energy efforts

The road is straight, the road is boring…unless you’re with friends & have some good music

Weird constructions all over the place

Adrien & Yezi having bought some peaches

A chance to stretch our legs after 4 hours of driving

And why not have an homage to evolution in the middle of nowhere? Because China

There’s just an inflatable swimming pool, where someone decided to put goldfish in, & some other person decided to catch some fish & play with them…pretty weird

Adrien with the

Photo opportunity!


1 of the few Chinese signs that actually makes sense & is nice



The toll gate coming into Inner Mongolia 内蒙古


Either a opera house or a museum in Ordos city centre

The view from the couch, organising the bikes before everyone else arrives

Some local markets. The ‘maekup’ shop

The roof of the local supermarket, makes it look like you can see the sky above even though the shop is underground



Some local food

It’s a long drive, through a lot of nothing, about to cross another border

Looking over Ordos city at night

Ordos sports stadium

Amir’s Kawasaki ZX-10R race bike




McDonalds in Ordos, written in Mandarin & the local dialect

Picnic on the bridge

Stopping to see the city lights














All hotels were booked out out, so we had to stay in a 4 star hotel, otherwise known as a ‘Chinese Bosses’ room.  Complete with emperor like chairs and business meeting room, nice view too.


There are no lights whilst driving at night.  Huge amount of trucks going the other way.