This series is awesome!
And unlike Audible’s recommended TED talks, you are supposed to listen to it all without a video.
It’s been made specifically for audible in fact.

Ever wondered what the deep web/ dark web was?
Ever wondered who used it? or thought it was just for people that wanted to participate in illegal activities?
Ever wondered about bitcoin and how it works? and how it self-checks itself, a currency without government backing

Well, these are all things discussed in this 10-part series & the best thing, is that its free with your subscription of audible.

I have a couple of programming friends that have mentioned these kind of topics to me before, but I’ve never really understood them.  Well this series gives you a good leg-up into understanding how many of these things interact and for me anyway, has given the inspiration to watch & read more about this topic.
For example, I’ve since watched the documentary simply called ‘The Deep Web’ narrated by Keanu Reeves.

Here’s a link to the actual movie in fact:

Note. It has German subtitles, so whilst everything is in English, anytime there’s writing on screen with no speaking….you have no idea what’s going on.

Anyway, back to the Dark Web series..

I’d in fact been looking for something that explained Bitcoin for quite a while, and this hit the spot, & showed how this crypto-currency fits into this shadowy world.

My Dad is the one that actually recommended this to me, & I believe he’s still going on it, but for me… I just full0on marathoned it.  ie. Listened to it as much as possible.

The production quality is great, Geoff White is a renowned investigative journalist from Britain who has been covering technology stories with Channel 4 News & the BBC.  He manages to talk to many experts in the field, including former hackers, current hackers, Police, researchers, activists, some of the creators of the project-  Military/ Navy personnel & a whole range of others to get different perspectives on the story.
He has also been using the Dark Web himself to show the ease of access to many different things he covers such as speaking to the suspected arms dealer which sold a weapon to a German terrorist.

His presentation of the arguments seem very factual and well balanced, trying to inform & educate rather than to give a specific point of view.  A really excellent series, very well done.

I am recommending this to anyone with even a small interest in technology, friends & family alike, + even programmer friends, this is a very insightful look into this world.
Of course I’m also thoroughly recommending audible.  As this is an audible original series, which unless it’s been pirated… is thus only available on Audible Channels.

Check it out on Audible here:

When I finally get my Amazon affiliates account back, i’ll put a link where you can sign-up for 2 free books & listen to these channels for free.

Ok so for the episodes & a brief description about them to wet your appetite:

Episode 1 – The Birth of the Dark Web
Explains the reasons why this project was started in the 1st place.  Introduces you to the TOR program that allows you to reach deeper levels of the internet, areas that are not indexed by the normal internet…ie. Not available when you search with a search engine.

Episode 2 –The Untold Story of the Dark Web
Follows the story of ‘The Silk Road’ the Dark web’s 1st success story, essentially being an online market place to buy drugs, illegal & legal of any kind.   It also shows the integration of Bitcoin- the worlds 1st fully working Crypto-currency.
This is also what ‘The Deep Web’ documentary largely focuses on.  And asks whether this kind of selling of drugs is actually safer than the ‘War on Drugs’ that the American government is currently running as sellers & buyers don’t have to meet and conduct transaction online with secure payment & rating systems to guarantee payment and quality of product.

Episode 3 – Bitcoin’s Days Are Numbered

Takes a deeper look into what is Bitcoin, how it works, why its so smart, the fact that it can be anonymous and despite this fact how users can trust it.  Also delves into the checking mechanicsm making up ‘Bitcoin mining’.
Geoff White also speaks to a representative from the Royal Mint to describe that any currency is in fact based on trust.

Episode 4 – How Not to Buy a Gun on the Dark Web

Takes a look at how weapons are also being sold on the Dark Web, and as a case lloks at the June 2016 shootings in a McDonalds restaurant by a lone Gunman (Ali David Sonboly) who bought the weapon + ammunition via a Dark Web weapons portal

Episode 5 – Hackers for Hire
Takes a look at how many hacking teams come together usually through the online gaming culture, get together and hack for fun or money.  Explores why hacking groups do what they do, and explores the various options, good & bad that such hackers go into.

Episode 6- The Virus Kingpin

Explores the hacking of files from the NSA, which found a security weakness in Microsoft computers which was since used to develop ransomware. A quick spreading scamming virus that encrypts people’s files & won’t allow access until a certain amount of Bitcoin has been paid.  This 1 virus with it’s many iterations all comes down to 1 man in fact, yet his many different iterations of the virus are available for easy sale on the Dark Web.

Episode 7 – Cyber Crime Inc.

A deeper look into the effects of Ransomware, who have been attacked and what police were doing, and now are doing to combat it and the main likely targets for these attacks.

Episode 8 – The Child Porn Paradox

A more detailed look into one of the darker sides & well known sides of the dark web- the availability of and creation of child porn.  Discussions with Police about how they are combatting it + with researchers & foundations who aim to partner with websites who may not know that child pornography is being shared on their platforms.  Both Police & researchers / foundations say that there is in fact far more available on the ‘bright web’ (the normal internet)

Episode 9 – A Dark Force For Good

Taking a look into the free speech movement and being able to work anonymously and still express yourself despite authoritarian regimes who censor free speech/ the internet. Or that need the use of anonymity to meet like-minded people etc.  A closer look at who those people might be and questions that ask if being legal is always the right thing.  (Being gay in Arabic countries or even being gay in the 1970s for example) And the Dark Web provided a channel for such people to meet.

Episode 10 – Anonymity on Trial

A round-up open discussion with various professionals and experts of the benefits & negative effects of the Dark Web.