These are travel tips, not living tips, but to be fair, some of them are applicable for if you’re living as well.

See that article here. (Things I would have done differently if i had my time in the Netherlands again)

  1. Get yourself a Museum card. This can be obtained at any museum, you just fill out a shitty little form, pay your 60 euros, and within 30 days you have to fill in an online form and provide a picture. 

-If you’re not there long enough to get the actual card, your original piece of paper (form) will act as your card.

Is it worth it?   Yes.  You’ll at least be going to a couple of museums whilst in the Netherlands.  The Rijksmuseum (17.5 euros) the Van Gogh museum (17 euros) [Go to the website & reserve tickets online to get a time-slot]
the Stedelijk Museum (17.5 euros)  if you’re going to be here for a while, then you’ll obviously visit more, and then its definitely worth it.

  1. Go and visit a Smartshop. What is a Smartshop?   Well you know that soft-drugs are legal in the Netherlands right?   I’m talking about magical mushrooms (truffles), psychedelics & even marijuana.
    Although marijuana is not sold in these Smartshops, everything else is.
    These shops sell such wares, plus provide advice on how to take such things, and how they affect you etc, in a clean and safe environment.  The employees are knowledgable and nice, and even if you’re not intending or consuming any of these thing, its very interesting to learn about them in a safe environment from people that genuinely want to share it with you. 

-The alternative in other countries is learning from your mate Dave “Dave’s not here man” and you’re never quite sure if what he says is correct, or will apply to you.  Best to learn from an authorised place.
-I would genuinely recommend this.
-Here’s the link to the one in Leiden
-They even run events

  1. Whilst you’re in Amsterdam, do a boat tour. I’ve been on a few with colleagues/ guests and its honestly a good thing to do. 

-It sounds cliché and boring, but having a 1.5 hour tour with and audio tour on your individual headsets available in 7 different languages is pretty awesome.  You not only learn about the history of Amsterdam a little bit, but they’ll point out some interesting sites, and point you  towards museums/ interest points that you may have never of considered visiting before.  Like the Cat museum, Rembrandt’s house, the Amsterdam Dungeon, the Nemo science museum etc.
Honestly very, very recommended.

  1. Have a translation of your home country’s license. Chances are you can use your license to drive in the Netherlands, but you will need a certified  English translation to be able to rent a car.  If your license is in Chinese, or Arabic etc., then you definitely need this.