This is what I tried last Saturday. (2nd September)

Here’s the Wikipedia / ‘psychonaut wiki’ article on it, ….  & here’s a little extract.
You might be able to see that it looks pretty intense.

Hahaha substance called ‘tryptamine’  an apt name for sure.

I actually bought this a while ago at the same time I bought some others called Trip-E pictured here.   I would NOT recommend those.  Or at least only recommend those for experienced travellers.

The Trip-E pills are manufactured, so while they have effects much like magical truffles, they’re not quite the same experience.
The active ingredients are Hawaiian baby-woodrose (the active ingredient often found in magic mushrooms) + Guarana.  Yes, guarana, the stuff they put in energy drinks.
I’m not sure why that’s in there…but it is.
So the Trip-E pills are designed much in the way that medicine is, as compared to the ‘natural equivalent’.  The active ingredient has been extracted, then replicated, then put into a pill.

Whereas of course with the natural plant, the amount is there naturally and is probably not as intense.
The only way I can describe it is that with magic truffles, you can choose if you want to go on your magical journey or not..   every so now and then there are waves rolling by, if you want to get on the wave… you can, if you don’t want to…and just want to have a normal conversation, you can do that too.

The Trip-E though…. that wave is coming by, it is a BIG wave, and you are ON that wave, you do NOT have a choice.

THAT’S why I wouldn’t really recommend it, or at least to 1st time travellers…..hahah or psychonauts as the Wiki describes it as.

So how about the one that I actually had?

Well it wasn’t as intense as the Trip-E, which I’m very grateful for.

Note. I have to keep saying this, because people don’t believe me, or don’t understand, especially if they haven’t done anything like this before, OR… if they think they can just make a judgement because of a 1-sided argument they’ve been exposed to.

The fact is though, I’m currently living in the Netherlands, where this is LEGAL.  Yep, I bought all these things that I’m talking about at a legal registered business.  It pays taxes, it’s in a generally nice part of town, in fact it’s on the same street as the city hall of Leiden.  And I bought them during the day-time no less.  What’s more is that because the government here knows that these substances COULD be dangerous in the wrong hands, these establishments are very regulated.  The people that work there have to go on special courses so that they don’t recommend the wrong thing to people who won’t be able to take it etc, and are very happy to talk with you and give you knowledge on how to take such things, the likely effects, how long it takes to kick in… what to do to stop the feelings etc.
Very, very informative and very nice people.

In fact, because I bought these a while ago, & didn’t want to go back to the store, I ended up just ringing them up, explaining what I had bought, and they gave me the advice over the phone, which is of course fantastic.

Overall, honestly, this is the way to go.  Age restrictions just like alcohol (which is a drug… you know it is…mind altering substance, of course it is)
Taxed businesses, certified sellers that give you all the right advice, safe environment & at the end of the day, reasonable prices.

And think about it… how much does it take to have ‘fun’ on alcohol?   30 dollaridoos at the pub?  Depending on your tolerance of course.  Most of these things cost half of that, and you don’t have a hangover.  Sounds pretty decent to be honest.

If you think about the same situation in America where these things are completely illegal, what have you got?  People taking it anyway… with zero advice, not knowing the quantities they’re meant to take overdoses, people getting really sick, ‘deals’ (not legal business transactions) going down in dark alleyways or out of the way places…that most likely aren’t safe, chance to be arrested put in jail which the tax payer ends up paying for.  Zero taxes, a lot more unsafe, and huge cost to society.

Being here in the Netherlands has shown be that is a zero contest argument.

Anyway, for this journey. … This substance by the way shouldn’t be confused with DMT that is smoked.  I don’t like smoking at all… so I’m never going to be trying that, but I looked at a video about a guy describing the effects… and it’s pretty insane.  So I’m not doing that.

This… this is not that, plus it’s not even like the Trip-E, in fact it’s closer to the magical truffles in the fact that you have to CHOOSE to relax into the journey.

And what a journey.

What did I learn about this time?

As always I took notes.   I really think this is the thing you should do, because basically the way I would describe it, is your brain overclocks, it races so fast, from thought to thought, idea to conclusion very, very quickly.  You ask a question, within no time at all you’ve rationalised & come up with some conclusion.

But the thing is, you think of so many things in the time that you’re ‘journeying’, so I think you HAVE to write it down.  Otherwise, if anyone ever asks ‘how was it?’  you end up answering “yeah man, it was really good”  “yeah man, it was awesome”
You know, like a dumbass.

So, the basic premise / theme of what my mind was racing around was creation, & in specific cyclical creation.  I realise that sounds strange, but let me…whilst looking at the notes I took, try to explain.

By the way, weird fact, the powder in the pills tastes like strawberry.  Pretty nice.

So, notes. I made pictures, & diagrams & everything. But here’s the actual notes I took:

-Things are changing, what you see now will be gone forever, but the next/ coming thing may be just as beautiful or even more so.
-Take it as it comes

-Triangle, things always in 3’s.  Plus I drew this:
[probably in relation to the kaleidoscope geometric shapes YouTube video I was watching at the time.]

-Very soon in darkness or full light with nothing
-Life as pure chance is the easy way out, things being ‘designed’ is infinitely more complicated.
[with an intention to say that it might be the more complicated thing that is an option, but just because we (human species) see it as complicated, doesn’t mean it’s complicated for someone/ a different species many times more advanced than our own]
[Occam’s razor doesn’t apply if we are incapable of understanding that the difficult thing may actually be easy]

-“you should listen to….”  Is them (strangers, people) trying to share a part of themselves.  By this simple question you are worthy in their minds, worth their time, passed their internal barriers.

-Scientists / biologists studying muscle tissue as if it were designed to be that way.
with the notion of ‘why did it evolve in the ‘best’ for that situation.  Studying natural life to try and replicate such things with inventions that can help improve human life.

-You’ll never get any individual moment back even if you try to replicate them…it won’t be 100% the same

-Why would ‘Gods’ pay attention to humans or even flies for that matter?  We are not even anywhere near the same level as the creators, in fact perhaps from their perspective the human species is closer to flies in intelligence that to the ‘gods’.   People are not worthy yet/ developed enough yet.

-Being human- caring, greed, jealously etc. . these are qualities that are holding the species back.  We are too immature in the eyes of our creators.

-Humans cannot yet create someone capable of speaking with our creators.  Only create the seed…that will 1 day be capable of either communicating or replacing the creators.
For our creation will have grown/ learned, improved themselves.

-But who’s to say that our original creators did learn/ change their ways and are now aggressive towards their creations. [the species in which they created]
OR have forgotten themselves
OR have died/ disappeared.

I am this person at this particular time. I can change this person a bit here, a bit there…to improve, but for now I am only this person…insignificant in the grand scheme of things as that may be.

-‘The creators’ philosophy      Those that have tried such substances are closer to the answer, to understanding, but ironically… they are powerless to sway the whole race over generations.  This realisation, as close to the truth as it may be, doesn’t mean anything to history, human species, development forwards.
[inferring that sometimes those with the answers, those with the correct ideas on how to better/ progress the human species or expand knowledge are not the ones that are actually listened to]

-Why would a creator build in a thought-relay-communications for humans? (ie. How religious people believe prayer works, (by praying we can reach/ communicate with the gods)

-Why wouldn’t they??
We are using our logic to rationalise the ‘Gods’ logic from what we know about our surroundings.
[inferring that logic is derived from our surroundings, but if we are only seeing a limited version of our surroundings, then our ability to rationalise is not as good as we thought it is, and the ability to judge the logic of the gods whose surroundings/ environment is deeper and more extensive than what the human species knows about…is fundamentally limited.]

-By saying the name of God, it is a limit in itself (as some religions teach)

What if just this knowledge is not enough?  If there’s more than our rationalising ability….that our logic is immature,  that it is not developed enough to try to ponder, to rationalise the creators’ thinking or desires.

Mind before matter.

Why would they implant prayer ability tech/ bio-tech in humans?

Missing link #, we (humans) are the creators of ourselves.  Life on earth / planet like earth can be terraformed.

-Who’s to say that we (human species) don’t have more potential?   (than the potential creators)

That they are not as smart, but have just been around for longer.

Life-cycle & hand-off (passing the baton) of ’the creators’           Creators = sentient species able to create/ mutate life as they design

-Bobiverse is about this cycle.  Take a random point where someone can become the creators, coupled with one of our creations, then becomes what is necessary to become …the creators/ a creator.   Not born as a creator…but becomes a creator.

-Dennis E. Taylor, what affiliations does he have?   Author of the Bobiverse series

2001 A Space Odyssey doorway beacons of knowledge & jumps to the next step of development, the path to becoming a creator, but ultimately continuing a cycle / spiral.

-Doesn’t even have to be different dimensions.

-Are dimensions a creation of our minds? [past the 4th dimension]

  • There is equally god(s)/ creators and not at the same time. [in the way that many religions believe that God has always been and always will be, yet it could just be that what we think is god/ gods are simply creators that engineered life on other planets and have since died out themselves.  This would mean that it is true that someone created life, humans… maybe the sun & the moon etc., but it is not what we thought, plus that they are capable of dying as a species/ entity as well.]
  • Big bang may in fact have been, but who/ what caused it? Could it not have been the out-of-control experiment of some creators which wiped themselves from existence too?
  • We keep asking ‘what came before?’ because we assume something ‘in control’ has to be ‘managing’ things. But in reality this is not true, this is just another part in the cycle.
  • Creators manipulate stars to congregate for some crazy experiment/ plan known only to them, they succeed… but then the gravity builds and builds, more mass gets attracted towards the centre causing black holes etc. & eventually it reaches critical mass …explodes & wipes out these creators too.
  • Cycles only for explaining it. It is circular but does not repeat events exactly the same …or maybe it does, we are not to know.
  • Maybe we are the creators of our universe & simultaneously the destructors of ourselves as a species in space. [inferring that if the universe is created on a cycle, and that everything repeats in exactly the same way, ..the human race at different points along a massive timeline could be responsible for the destruction of the universe as we know it, the destruction of ourselves, the birth of the universe & the creation of seeds that start life. Which eventually manifests itself at some point in time back into the human race, cycle begins again.   [This theory is very briefly explored in Futurama with the episode about the forward time machine]

    Futurama Season 6 Episode 7 The Late Philip J. Fry
  • And it’s just a matter of perspective in time at what part of the cycle are we now?
  • Only 2 channels for argument:
    Are we a perfect circle? (time is irrelevant, it’s a matter of perspective, no need for elongating)
    2. Are we cyclical but not exactly repeating?  Ie. 1 intelligent species progresses to a point where they become the creators, create other intelligent species, end up destroying themselves and/ or creates another big bang where life develops by itself, but another intelligent species arise instead of the same one.  That intelligent species then goes on to become creators, and so on and so forth, repeating the cycle, but not repeating the exact events.

    [Point 10a. is also hinted at in Futurama, albeit in a rather cute way] starting at 10.52

    “Behold! When the universe was forged in the crucible of the Big Bang, our mighty race was already 17 years old.”
    Shows the possibility that if another Big Bang happened it didn’t necessarily have to have consumed the entire universe 1st, that things could exist outside the Big Bang
  • Much of human life/ meanderings are frivolous to the progression of the cycle.
  • Creation of a sentient species isn’t the only plan of the creators. Just 1 out of many.

-Keep listening to the current book
[about the secret history of secret societies in which it explores the original meanings of many religious texts and the information withheld from the common people + the underlying understanding of Mind before matter.]

Probably helps if you’ve expanded your mind previously to psychoactive drugs.  For those that have not…then it might be difficult.  Probably the reason why some religions practice taking such substances in their rituals.

-If biomechanics are constant, then the only thing to ‘create’ is replication.  Self, automated replication.

[Biomechanics, that once replication of cells is achieved, the rest will follow a certain progression, ie. That of evolution & expansion.  See Futurama Season 6 Episode 9- A Clockwork Origin  episode where they delve into this topic]

-This body feels pain: the mind yes, but overall this mind is not afraid of the ‘unknown’ after death.  If family members also ‘know’ the truth/ have the same realisations then they mourn the body, they mourn the past.

-I understand Fin. [A friend that decided to become a monk in Burma to explore the universe in his mind]

-The only way you (the individual) can know for sure, is death.  YOU will know, people that don’t know will mourn your body, mourn the past.

The job is so transitory, so insignificant
[in reference to the fact that I have been thinking about quitting my job and was wondering about plans for afterwards, and how to go about it etc.]

-What happens in the mind of a baby ages 0-4?   Conflict between all-knowing & conformity to a body, to that  body’s culture, family, life, reality, language, love…’life’.

Is it the constant pain, of learning, failing…& pushing out the knowing that it’s had before?

It doesn’t matter if a person is gay, straight, non-sexual.  The only thing (most important) is that they pass on the ideas…the understanding thus far.
Genetically creation of a new body won’t = knowledge retained.  Only actually passing on the knowledge will guarantee it & further the species development.  [passing on of genetic material by very knowledgeable people doesn’t guarantee that knowledge is retained, the capacity to understand concepts, yes, but not the knowledge itself]

Most people love a body, it is the body that they can feel attachment to.

-An individual can change ones ‘body’ shape, improve it.   even augment it, cybernetic implants/ enhancements?

“Mind before matter”  (matter in the substance sense, not an activity sense)

Where does this phrase actually come from?

Next wave of human species, evolution comes from being attached to computers, & being able to have computer-like calculations.

-People love a culmination of body & mind.  But the mind is always larger than the body.

-We hold onto the body, are attached to it because the mind is always free…cannot be merely contained by someone’s hold on the mind’s ‘vessel’. (the body)

My words can’t do my ponderings justice, they are lacking in their subtleties.

Could it be so that brilliant minds are stuck behind incapable bodies, that lack the expression, the poetry of expression?

‘I think, therefore I am’
[inferring that even without a body, one can still be alive, one can still be there.  Material existence doesn’t mean much without the mind.]

Test of the body strength, even Mensa problems can be trained for…mastered even, but this is no indication of your mind…of you knowing.

In order to convince the rest of the human species, you have to master their ‘importances’ – physical prowess, conventional intelligence testing etc.   & then can you shape their thinking.  Only then have you proved yourself worthy to listen to… ‘worthy’ of being able to give guidance.
-They are the receivers, yet they demand & choose who can be their guides.
-The base animalistic tendencies in a sentient species is still our guide for ‘worthiness’.
[inferring that even though humans are a sentient species, and can choose to put aside our animalistic tendencies, as we are animals as well, when it comes to certain things… like sexual partners, leaders, — something as vague as being ‘worthy’  all of this is still decided by our animalistic tendencies.]

-Showing just how far the human species as a collective conscious has to go (progress, enlighten)

So that’s it.

Who are my ponderings for?  Who gains insight from my own ‘insights’?

I do.  I will re-read this.  +
It’s food for thought for those with an open mind.   +
it’s interesting for other travellers with an open mind to understand what a fellow traveller might have experienced and see if they can attain anything from someone else’s experience/ find similarities to their own.

And then…at the end of the day, if you’re not convinced by any of this, then it’s simple an entertaining read, and possibly the plot ideas to several sci-fi / philosophical movies or books.

Ideas, are much like dreams I think.  It depends what’s been circulating your head, what has made an impact on you in some way, that forms such ideas or even dreams.

Here’s a list of some very definite ones that come to mind:

The Bobiverse series– Read my review hereBut basically it’s about a sentient computer called Bob, who has been integrated into several self-replicating spacecrafts, his appointed goal to save humanity, and his self-appointed goal to save other sentient species and create advanced technology in the process that can assist with both of these goals.
How is this related?   Bob was once human, bob becomes integrated with a computer with humans help making him far more advanced than normal humans in terms of thinking power, with less limitations, Bob ends up guiding another sentient race to technological achievements + terraforming planets readying them for life.

Prometheus The ‘engineers’ of the Alien, predator movie universe.  Shown to be the creators of life on earth, and the creators of many lifeforms in the universe.  The initial concept in Prometheus is great, the movie…not so much.  At the end, the engineers have decided to turn their back on their experiment that was earth and destroy their creation (humans) and the earth itself if necessary.  Showing that the sentient beings which were capable of creating life on earth, are also capable of changing their minds, or even of being destroyed themselves.
Watch online for free:    & read the Wikipedia article if you don’t want to waste your time:

The Secret History of the World (As passed down by the secret societies) 

– Has much description to do with the mind being the centre of the universe before mind was drawn into matter.

Futurama Season 6 Episode 7- The Late Philip J. Fry      watch online for free:

Shows a possibility that the universe could just be 1 continuous cycle, repeating exactly the same.  This is when the professor manages to make a time machine that can only go forward in time.  After accidentally blowing way past their own time, Fry, Bender and the Professor go forward in time looking for someone that has created a backwards time machine.  When that fails, they decide to watch the universe end, which after its end, after the stars recede, all matter gets drawn towards the centre & a 2nd big bang occurs, thus recreating the universe.  Exactly as it was before, just 2 m lower than the last time.
[clip below doesn’t show the 2 m lower part, but you can watch the whole episode online for free with the link above]

Futurama Season 6 Episode 9- A Clockwork Origin    watch online for free:

– After an argument about the nature of creation and if a ‘all powerful being’ created life on earth, with the professor claiming that it came from evolution naturally and his adversary arguing that it might have been designed to follow a progression, or that an ‘all-powerful’ being set that progression in motion at the start, the professor decided he wants to live on a planet devoid of life to stop having ridiculous arguments.

He introduces some nano-bots he created into the water supply to get rid of the oil, but they end up replicating and consuming the spaceship as well, thus the professor inadvertedly introduces robot-based life which conforms to evolution in some sense.

Now you may be thinking….. is this for me?  Would you recommend this?

What I’ve outlined in detail above is MY experience.  I would imagine your experience will be very different, especially taking into account what you’ve recently read, what your current thoughts on how things work etc.
Maybe you won’t be anywhere near this line of thought, I’m not sure.

Although from different readings I’ve learnt that you naturally have a certain amount of DMT in your body anyway.  For most people the amount is very low, but it has often been found that many people that have traditionally declared themselves as Shamans, had much higher levels than most, and could sometimes selectively enter a hallucinogenic experience to tell tales of creation etc.

This I haven’t done much research on, and I’ve only heard it mentioned in 1 book so far, but it does make you think if this particular chemical helps you see things in relation to this subject.

But recommendation?    If you are in the situation that I was in, that is… you are in a country where it is LEGAL, and someone who is qualified can give you the right advice on it, and on how to do it…then I would say go for it.
Make sure you take the right dosage, and make sure you talk to the local Smartshop person telling them any allergies, or reactions you have to anything so they can recommend if its appropriate for you or not.

Stay safe, be reasonable, and then go psychonauting.