Narrated by: Christopher John Fetherolf
Length: 7 hrs and 44 mins

Got this book in a sale, another one of the ‘recommended books based on your purchases’.  Normally I probably wouldn’t have gone for this, but I’m actually really glad I did.

Now I paid 4.95 for this, and I thought it was so good that I returned it for the money and then used a credit to get ‘The Tome of Bill’ which is 1 book that actually contains the 1st 4 books in the series.


I figured this move was morally ok, because after all the whole point of this 4.95 sale from audible is to introduce you to series.
The idea being that if you go for a cheap book that you wouldn’t normally go for, and it’s the 1st in a 3-part or maybe even 8-part series (like this particular one)  then you’ll spend way more money on the whole series than if you just bought the 1st book for full-price under your own accord.

So… I DID like the 1st book, so I will be listening to all books in this series.

But, like I said, 8-part series, with books 1.5, 2.5 etc being written as tie-in, different perspective books etc… the point is, is that it would get very expensive.

That’s why I’m so glad there a ‘Volume 1’ book that includes the 1st 4-parts.

Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself…. What is Bill the Vampire all about?  And is it similar to Fred the Vampire Accountant?

Essentially Bill is a geeky computer game programmer; he plays dungeons and dragons, and lives with his best friends Tom & Ed, who are also programmers who are into Transformers and such.  I say IS, because even though he has been turned into a vampire, he still continues to work as a programmer (just at night), still has his same friends, still…I think, plays dungeons & dragons.
But he is a bit different than normal vampires, in that he is a ‘free-will’, meaning he is able to resist the compulsion from senior vampires to do their bidding, and has a few other tricks up his sleeve.  He has been provided some sort of protection from a very senior vampire called James who finds Bill funny with his witty & sarcastic comebacks and who is keen to propagate rumours and rumblings that Bill is the legendary vampire from prophecy, even if he has no idea of that, but is instead just bored.
Things get hairy as James sets Bill up as such, but then gets called away on business, leaving him without protection and to fend for himself.

So, is it similar to Fred the Vampire Accountant?
Well, yes & no.  It’s a different take on the supernatural world, and so far introduces other creatures very slowly, which is great actually.  In Fred the Vampire’s story, Drew Hayes (author) concentrates much more on Fred’s normalcy and the carrying on of his accounting practice and how that interacts with the rest of the story and how that leads to him making friends etc.
Bill already has his bunch of nerdy friends, and the whole Vampire world seems to be much more pronounced and delved into than that of Fred’s world.

The comedy in Bill the Vampire (this book series) is a bit more obvious, yes its dark humour, sarcastic a few puns etc… but it’s laugh out loud funny.  Fred the Vampire Accountant is more chuckle to yourself kind of humour…if that makes sense.

For those of you that don’t know who the hell Fred the Vampire is… check out my link here to the books series so far.  Fred the Vampire Accountant series by Drew Hayes


The choice of voice for the main character is pretty damn annoying, although the reviews were really good so I persisted, and I’m glad I did.
The story is really good, there’s lots of potential and it’s actually really funny too.
Provided that lots of sarcasm is what you find funny.
-As taking note of other reviews on, the main character says the word ‘bitch’ a lot, almost too much… but it’s not incredibly detracting from the story.
The narrator is actually really good, the style of voice for the main character is really just a choice. It’s very bubbly and seems to have too much variation.
However, the narrator has great range for other characters, and can do them all seamlessly, making you really sink into the story, it really is just the main character’s voice that is annoying.
-Persevere though…and you’ll be really happy you did.

As I’ve now downloaded the Tome of Bill (1st 4 books all in one)  I hear that the main characters voice has changed to something that is a lot less annoying, which is really great to hear.  I would guess, that that is one of the complaints from other people too.

So recommendation?

Yes, definitely.
Get and listen to this book.
Although, of course… your style of humour has to be one that enjoys sarcasm.
I like a bit of fantasy & mystery, and I love the way that all these books set up different worlds of what is meant to be the same concept, and then go about exploring this world.  And this one is awesome.

The fact that I’ve committed myself to listening to at least the 1st 4 books should be a pretty strong indication that this series has potential, and is a great listen.

Listen to a sample here Bill the Vampire book 1

Get a free trial of audible with 2 free books, listen to channels like this for free, & then if you want….just quit before 30 days & you get to keep everything… sounds like a pretty good deal to me.