Tagline: It’s a split second between hit or miss 

This movie feels like it actually could have been a serious movie. 
Bear with me, it feels like they filmed way more than what actually ended up in the movie. In fact this is evident via the dubbing over Seagal’s character.  According to Wikipedia they decided upon a plot change after they had already filmed the entirety of the scenes, and so they just got someone that sounded like Seagal, that  whispy, quiet kind of voice…but you can tell rather obviously that it is not Seagal.


The basic premise of the movie is about child-trafficking.  However, that was clearly the original story-line and you can see it was going to be much more intense, and in fact way better than what they ended up with.

Instead, you get a story that only just makes sense, but is not really very watchable.  You don’t get the usual Seagal quirkiness, like pretending to be police officers for no reason etc, or speaking in Russian for little to no reason… but at least 3 fight scenes remain.

1 where he kicks in everyone’s shins & twists their wrists…classic. 
1 all out gun battle where he shoots way more than what can be held in his gun, 
and the final scene is a samurai sword battle…for little to no reason
, while a little girl watches on.


Oh so the actual plot, the revised plot that only just makes sense, is that Seagal has an ongoing writing correspondence with a little girl from Poland who’s growing up in an orphanage.  We’re told a few times by Seagal that this is because he has “done some bad things in the past, and feels like this will help make things right” or something along those lines.

Of course Seagal is ex-CIA, but has now become a survivalist, (which is shown by him dressing like a native American & rescuing animals in the woods) and in his correspondence he teaches the girl ciphers and how to write secret coded messages…which… is never explained…but of course, used throughout the movie… sometimes needlessly so.

He also somehow teaches her pick-pocketing, although I’m not sure how that happens considering he’s only ever had written contact with her.


There is a scene about a Turkish organisation taking away 6 young orphan girls including Seagal’s friend, prepping them, and then selling them via a teleconference auction kind of thing.  But that’s the last we heard about all of that.  This is the part that had potential…and afterwards is the part that seems to have been cut out for the duration of the rest of the movie.  From then on its solely about rescuing the little girl. 

Massive plot holes here. 

To help him he enlists a little boy that hangs around the orphanage….who is portrayed at the start as someone who can’t speak…but…in the end it turns out that he can… just weird.


This movie had potential, however…it’s just not a classic Seagal movie…and by that I mean classically shit which therefore makes it hilarious.


So recommendation for a mushy brain movie night? 

No. Its just not stupid enough.  Plot lines that don’t go anywhere…but not in a funny way if you know what I mean.  Also, considering that the original plot would have had some potential…it just feels like a shame of a movie.

The only way I’d recommend this is if you’re trying to complete your quest to see every Steven Seagal film ever made.  And for that one… I wish you good luck.