Narrated by: Warren Farrell
Length: 3 hrs and 8 mins
Release date: 06-12-14

“This is definitely a repeat listen”

This is not what I expected, but it’s still a welcome surprise.

-This isn’t so much the actual book, but rather a guided dialogue between the author and an interviewer about the main points in the book, including all of the examples and kind of working its way through each section in a detailed manner but also leaving points up for further discussion.

-It’s probably worth getting the physical book as well. To understand and remember more the points and examples given.

I heard about this book because for some reason I came across the documentary <The Red Pill> about male rights groups in America.



(The Red Pill trailer)

I would honestly very much recommend that documentary. And I’m not even a big documentary fan.

Here’s a link to the actual documentary where you can watch online for free:

It was through that that I found out about this book.  It’s nice to challenge some beliefs and really think about the reason why for a lot of things by looking at the big picture.


The author looks at different aspects throughout history and traditional roles for men and women through various societies and makes the case that men actually have a tougher situation than many women in today’s modern society because of all these conclusions from various traditions still being at play today.

Interesting note.  The author was originally a feminist and wrote several books explaining to women the thinking of the male mind.  Click here to see other books that Dr Warren Farrell has written

And only after writing several of these books and having certain questions come up over and over again like “why are men afraid of commitment?” Does he analyse the other side and really explain in a balanced way the disadvantages and unfairness of being a man in today’s world.

He is very well spoken and clear.

His points are often bullet points and backed up with specific examples.

However because of the structure /presentation style of the book being like a guided don’t actually get to (now fully all of the points. I think having the physical book would be very useful actually.

I will be keeping this book on my device to listen through to again.

Also, for those that prefer video content instead of listening, here’s a TED talk presentation by the author of The Red Pill.

You can listen to a sample of The Myth Of Male Power here:

Get a free trial of audible with 2 free books, listen to books like this for free, & then if you want….just quit before 30 days & you get to keep everything… sounds like a pretty good deal to me.