Wolf Cop – Mushy-brain movie review

Release year: 2014
Country of Origin: Canada
Genre: Horror-Comedy

1st of all, this movie is exactly what you think its about.

It’s a cop, that can turn into a werewolf.  No surprises there.
What is surprising is the way that they choose to show you his 1st change into that werewolf.

It …literally…..starts….. at the penis.
Yep, the penis.

It’s the only movie where I guess it’s kind of accurate in the fact that if someone was going to turn into a werewolf, there’s going to be quite a bit of internal bleeding involved.

Also, instead of just ‘shifting’ or morphing into a werewolf, like for example the Underworld movies, or… pretty much any other movie… this one he has to peel off his human skin, which is of course disgusting.

Ok so, the plot?

I don’t want to spoil it …but anyway, alcoholic cop Lou Garou gets called out to several noise disturbances, and one of them he finds a guy hanging upside down from a tree, but before he can do anything, is knocked out, and wakes up with a pentagram carved on his chest.

He then finds that every night at 10pm  (I have no idea why its 10)  he turns into a wolf….but and here’s where it gets clever… he is still a cop.

Which is where we get the ingenius title of Wolf Cop.

He and his friend go about solving crimes / brutally killing criminals…. Including at one point ripping someone’s face off… and throwing it towards the car, which promptly gets stuck on the windscreen wiper blades.

They then find out…through research at the local library (you know the classic book that they find at the back, that just so happens to explain absolutely everything to do with the super natural in glorious detail) that the reason for creating a werewolf is to sacrifice it at some point, and for ‘Shapers’ to drink its blood as an immortality potion or something.


It is honestly not such a bad movie.  There’s plenty of action, the special effects / costume design is pretty funny, … it’s a really great mushy-brain movie.

What to look out for?

Oh, and if my little explanation didn’t tempt you… there’s even a sex scene… although it’s between a hot woman and the Lou in wolf form, so not what you might expect.

For fans of Steven Seagal, one of the main character adorns Seagal type yellow ballistic glasses.

Somehow after turning into an incredibly powerful werewolf, he can still intricately use a gun.  Pretty impressive.

Alcohol promotion – Lou Garou becomes more powerful when he drinks alcohol.  Let that be a lesson to you kids!

Oh and if you’re not going to watch the movie.. I’d still really recommend you listen to the Wolf Cop rap.

It… kind of perfectly describes what’s going on.   I, for one, will be downloading this separately.

Here’s the trailer for you to get in the mood.