Review of Bigfoot Hunters by Rick Gualtieri

Narrated by: Charlie Romanelli
Length: 9 hrs and 4 mins
Release date: 11-13-13

 Book was a reverse engineered B-grade horror movie

Book was OK, just ok.
Writing was good, narration was a mixed bag.
The characters voices were done well but the actual narration was pretty much monotone and sounded pretty boring.


The plot is honestly just like a B-grade movie, in the way that its set in a small town, some hikers go up for a holiday, there are some monsters, something is wrong with the monsters and then inevitably everyone’s running away and many people are dying.

Normally books are written incredibly well, then edited for film, shortened, some excitement added and certain aspects dumbed down to make it suitable for a wider variety of audiences.
Well, this is the opposite. It sounds as if the author took a simple concept of Bigfoot carnage and then padded it up, and made it sound a bit more intelligent than most of those b grade movies.

Expectations vs Reality

Being a big fan of the Bill the Vampire series by the same author, I had high expectations for this.
But…This is not Bill the Vampire, it’s not even in the same style as that. It’s a disaster movie/book and not a comedy and while I was hoping it was something like Bill the Vampire, I managed to get into only after a little while.
But it wasn’t super awesome like Bill the Vampire, it was more like… “yeah this is OK I guess”

If there’s a big foot hunters 2 though, I won’t be listening to it.


I would say no.

The author’s Bill the Vampire series was fantastic.  But this is not that, and not even on the same lines as that.  If you like these kind of stories, super-natural carnage/ rampage/ horror kind of stories… I suggest watch a movie like that instead and save some time

Take a listen to a sample if you want: