Review of Super Sales on Super Heroes (book 2) by William D. Arand

Narrated by: Nick Podehl
Series: Super Sales on Super Heroes, Book 2
Length: 12 hrs and 4 mins
Release date: 05-08-18

This book was awesome!

After finishing the 1st one, for which you can see my review here.  I honestly wondered about how they would tackle the 2nd book in the series.

But this?  This was fantastic!   I’m now eagerly awaiting the 3rd book.


It basically picks up right where the 1st one finished.  Felix with the superpowers of being able to upgrade things that he owns  (including slaves, and his slaves powers – made possible by a supervillain that has taken over the city in which Felix lives. Just read my review for book 1)

Anyway, Felix decides to expand business into a different city.  A city where slavery is not allowed.  He must figure out a way to use his powers despite this.

Many things are added in the story development, including further exploration of his powers, which is always interesting.  The introduction of a god,  portal use, the meeting of the supervillain in person that runs Felix’s city… and the promise for so much more to come.


Although, for some reason the author decided to change narrators, it only took a little while to get used to, but this new narrator (Nick Pedehl) manages to do all the characters voices pretty much in the same way as the original narrator.

Felix’s love interest known as Myriad or the girl that shouts “Pancakes!”   (I can’t remember her actual name)  but her voice is exactly the same as book 1’s narrators voice, which is great.


I pretty much just tried to listen to this as much as possible it was that captivating.


Listen to the 1st one, once you get over the weird concept of it, it’s a fantastic book and this is a truly great follow up book.

Of course if you don’t like sci-fi / fantasy/ super heroes, then this book obviously isn’t for you.  But for those that do… I would highly, highly recommend this.

Listen to a sample here:

Super Sales on Super heroes book 2 on Audible