A mushy brain movie recommendation for Pacific Rim 2 – Uprising

Pacific Rim the original movie was a guilty pleasure for me.

In fact I originally watched it because my Chinese student had watched it and he wanted to discuss it in English.

I figured I’d rather him be speaking about something he wants to speak about and we work with that then go through boring drills and exercises, so I watched it, and I actually thoroughly enjoyed it.

Here’s the trailer to the 1st movie … should wet your appetite a bit.

Really Basic Premise

And what’s not to love?  Giant robots controlled by 2 people teams, and sometimes 3 mentally linked to battle giant monsters called Kaijus which come through some sort of tear in space time at the bottom of the ocean.

At the end of 1st movie, we see that aliens control the monsters

Only just justified chaos and the fight for humanity against alien monsters able to unite all forces of the world.

Also, you find out at the end of the original movie that it was actually an alien race that employs this tactic of 1st destroying a planet they want to claim by using such monsters.  Therefore setting up a possibility for an even more interesting sequel with the fight against the actual aliens controlling such large Kaiju monsters.

Turns out it was a major success in China too… because it seems a Chinese based production company bought out the rights to the movie.

And this ….becomes painfully obvious which you’re watching the movie.

From Wikipedia: After the sale of Legendary to Chinese Wanda Group for $3.5 billion, observers noted an increased likelihood of Pacific Rim 2‘s production being revitalised because the first film was so successful in China

The China Connection

In fact, during the movie where they just have an abnormally large representation of Chinese actors and actresses, and in fact some scenes are solely spoken in mandarin, with no subtitles given… is about when you check the movie information out on Wikipedia only to be confirmed that Yes, it was made in part by a Chinese production company.

The training centre is apparently located in China. 

The ‘evil company’ which is offering to automate the Jeiger (giant fighting robot) program is a Chinese company with production in Shanghai….

and of course turns out to be a good company… and the foreigner working inside the company is actually the evil guy.

Plus, it becomes laughably apparent nearing the end when they state “we’ve found that if you combine Kaiju blood with rare earth minerals, there is a significant large explosion.”

Rare Earth Mineral deposits listed by country

And for those of you that know something about resources, you would know that China actually has the largest deposit of Rare Earth Mineral…. Which is why the car industry needs China so much, because many components have these minerals in them, and thus they need to stay on the good side of China to be able to get to them.

They go on to say “ yes, and we believe the kaijus will be heading towards Mount Fuji in Japan, the largest Rare Earth Mineral Deposit in the world, with the idea of creating a ginormous explosion through destabilising the Ring of Fire and therefore extinguishing all life on earth”

Hahahahah, incorrect yes, & misinformation… but also unnecessary misinformation.. they could have just stated that there was some other mineral such as magnetite or something that actually IS present at Mount Fuji… but instead they went for the Rare Earth Minerals..

The reason for saying Japan, is pretty obvious for anyone that has a passing understanding of Chinese culture and history… they …don’t ..like…Japan.   And this is a great opportunity to see the destruction of some Japanese city.  With Chinese people coming across as the hero.

It’s very funny to see.


For this reason, I would highly recommend it.  The giant robots is a guilty pleasure, but all the obvious Chinese propaganda make it a clear win for a mushy brain movie!

The one thing that I’m impressed at, is that they kept the black guy as the hero.  Little known fact about China… or Chinese people is that on the whole, they don’t like black people a lot.  So keeping the black person as a hero and main cast member of the movie was big of them.

Apparently there was no filming in Japan, in fact the Japanese destruction ending fight battle was filmed in Busan, South Korea.  Other filming locations were Australia & China.

Here’s the trailer for Pacific Rim Uprising… you can’t tell me that doesn’t look cool.