Mushy-brain movie review of Another Wolf Cop (2007) Perfect for shit movie night

Release year: 2017
Country of Origin: Canada
Genre: Horror-Comedy

On the obvious success of the original Wolf Cop, comes Another Wolf Cop.

I, for one, was so impressed with the 1st movie, that I watched then 2nd straight away.

If you want to watch it and you can’t find it anywhere… I recommend this link:

(It has Arabic subtitles though)

Watch the trailer… and I won’t even need to do a review, it’s just as great as the 1st Wolf Cop, and by which I mean…. Well, just watch the trailer

Where do you go from the already awesomeness of the 1st movie?  Well, we have to delve into more detail about the Shifters, their demonic practices, + let’s throw in another werewolf.

Just like the 1st movie, there is a sex scene….although once again it’s definitely not what you’re expecting.

There’s the addition of baby shifters…which grow out of people’s stomachs like little ALIEN babies, but….look a whole lot more weird.

Oh and they grow these weird alien stomach babies by drinking a new stout beer called ‘Chicken Milk’  whose slogan is ‘slam a cold cock’.


Do you really care?

Essentially some Shifters are trying to increase their numbers, and they’ve brewed in demonic rituals into their weird beer, and plan to turn the citizens of Woodhaven into reptilian Shifters.

As Lou Garou/ mr Wolf Cop and his team have experience in this, it is up to them to stop it.  As a Canadian movie, it of course culminates with a showdown on the ice-rink.


I would say watch the 1st movie 1st, but… obviously things are quite self-explanatory, you could skip to this movie 1st… but why would you?
You’d be missing out on classic Wolf Cop awesomeness.

What to look out for?

The 1st line of the movie is great.    “You’re a loser”    hahaha, completely not what I was expecting.

Wolf Cop, whilst doing a move on a bad guy replicating pulling a ice-hockey’s players shirt over their head… does the same with the guys skin.   It’s a proper look away moment.

At the end of the 1st round of credits, there’s an extra scene.  The guy from the 1st movie who had his face ripped off… has had reconstructive surgery and is now finally exiting the hospital.  Just as he’s going to get his life back on track, he gets hit by a truck.  Classic.

After the credits, it insinuates that there will be more Wolf Cop coming in the future.

The movie is once again filmed in the actor’s home town of Regina, but supposedly in the fictional town of Woodhaven.
When crossing into the border of the towns, one of the characters exclaims  ‘back in the Vag’    A reference to what locals supposedly call the town, as its similar pronunciation to Vagina.

Also, as with the 1st movie, this one has a catchy theme song.  Here’s the lyric video.