Mum loves dolphins, in fact they often come around the house, mum and dad live on a canal in Mandurah… so they can literally be seen passing by right outside the house.

But a few weekends ago my brother and dad took the little red boat out to the Dawesville Cut, and found an area where there seemed to be many, many dolphins… so we thought we’d check out the spot again.  This was during a tidal change which is important.

And sure enough, masses of Dolphins… I would guess maybe 20 ,maybe 25 of them.

Also, to point out, my brother and dad saw these dolphins during the morning tide change, and we saw them during the afternoon tide change.

So I think that’s the key.

I think it has something to do with the flow of fish too… a tide change might mean fishing becomes better… and tend to stick to the shores for cover… which is why you can see dolphins fishing and playing when you’re standing right next to the shore (you don’t need to be in a boat)

Anyway, here’s the video… and it has the location in it.

As far as I can tell, only a few people know about this place at the moment. There were only 4 different groups of people there.