After watching a few of the choice selections of Mock the Week (A TV show hosted by Dara O’Briain), and realising that by far Frankie Boyle was the funniest comedian on that for his sheer brutality, …and then watching some compilations of Frankie Boyle’s Best bits from Mock the week, I decided to look up what other things he has done.

Turns out he’s done quite a bit.

Here’s some of his Mock the Week stuff:

His stand-up is brutal so its not for everyone. But pretty much anything he goes on or participates in, is fantastic.

Here’s his Wikipedia page of everything that he’s done.

He had a TV show called Tramadol Nights which was a sketch and stand-up show whose original name was ‘Deal with This, Retards’  hahha so you can see quite blatantly that hee’s not afraid to go against the grain.

His latest show, that I’d thoroughly recommend is called ‘Frankie Boyle’s New World Order’, started in 2017 for season 1 and his latest episode being 15th June 2018.

Here’s a link… you can find full episodes pretty easily on youtube, so I’d recommend that.

What’s interesting is that he’s been against some of the shit that the British Government stand for, such as their support of Israel whilst they continually break international law in fighting against the Palestinians; as well as the British Government’s weapon sales to oppressive governments like Saudi Arabia and across the world.

He’s also outspoken of the mass media’s …including the BBC coverage of events which promote racism and a sense of national superiority and will censor certain things, for example the BBC not broadcasting a humanitarian appeal during the ’08 ’09 Gaza War, or their defending of Jeremy Clarkson against racist comments made by him.   He’s particularly opposed to the support of the old school establishment, and institutions that are dated and fail to live up to the responsibilities for a nation by leading for the better.

A very interesting interview with him can be watched here:

Despite his of course brutal stand-up comedy persona, his off stage and real personality is very kind, well spoken, educated and informed.  Comments that are stated are with good cause and knowledge behind them.

Honestly, very impressive.  And he certainly seems to put the BBC mainstream kind of questioning and dated opinions in its place.

In fact, during this interview he states quite clearly that the BBC and other typically British institutions are gender biased towards men and that he thinks those attitudes need to be changed, for which he cites some pretty revealing and shocking things about shows he’s been on, and the people he’s been forced to work with. He also states that the American Daily Show, John Oliver (who is acutally british) kind of shows should be replicated in the UK, but its not because ‘its not allowed’ for which he explains afterwards.

All incredibly interesting and points out some facts about the BBC and the British public which I think many, especially ‘mainstream’ English people would  find confronting, but is necessary.

I also believe that off the back of this particular interview, done in 2014, Frankie Boyle was given his own show which delves into the things he’s talking about.  And this is the show of New World Order.

From left to right- Sara Pascoe, Katherine Ryan, Mona Chalabi (semi-regular from season 2)

His 2 regulars on the show are both female comedians.  Which as he stated previously women are not given due credit in British TV, and it seems he’s tried hard to try and change that mentality within the public and for the institutions, which is fantastic.  He often gets ‘a child’s perspective’ and you can tell that in real-life he’s a very caring and nice man in the way that he speaks to them.

And his guests are from many different aspects of life, for example the poet and rapper called Akala (which I didn’t know about previously) but who is incredibly well spoken and knowledgeable on the issue of racism and institutionalised racism and many other political issues.

I think this is great, because these are not the ‘normal’ voices that people get to hear from.  Generally, it’s the same people recycled through the talk show circuit that appear again and again.

It’s refreshing to see such a change.

Here’s a link to that episode if you want to watch:

The format is essentially a bit of stand-up about current events, then a sit-down with his regulars about general events, and then he raises 2 points as discussed by 1 of his invited guests each time. (each guest acts as a ‘expert’ / passionate follower of the issue) and then Frankie asks the audience to vote on whether or not they fell his statement is true or false.

Which is fantastic, its not just a news show where its telling people what is what.. and these are our opinions …deal with it.  Its giving people a chance to hear more than the common arguments and having a say.

This format is very similar to his previous ‘Autopsy’ shows, in which Frankie breaks down the lead up to or aftermath of an election or a particular event.

Here’s his American Autopsy show:

I also recently watched an interview with him and Jimmy Carr who brought to light the fact that Frankie seems to go out of his way to be offensive.

With his Live shows being called things like:

Morons, I can Heal You (2007-08)
I would Happily Punch Every One of You in the Face (2010)
The Last Days of Sodom (2012)

Honestly, anything this guy seems to be amazing.

This new show is really interesting as well, I love the format, and… hearing an intelligent discussion of the issues that goes against the grain of the big institutions is very refreshing.

I’ll definitely be watching these as they come out.