My brother gathered a few of us together to participate in the Simpsons quiz held at the Herdsman pub.  And it was awesome!

Really well run, good questions, and competing against teams that really knew their stuff.

Also, as The Simpsons is pretty much a cornerstone to Australian culture, for those born 1980s onwards… pretty much every kid grew up with that… then all the questions were orientated with what we all grew up with … which is pretty much the seasons 1-10.

They have 29 seasons now.. Crazy.

In our team we had 8 people, all knowing various sorts.  We did a bit of study beforehand … but it was mainly watching some youtube clips and that’s about it. But… we came 2nd!

And we got a voucher for $100 for the pub… which I think we’re going to put towards our next quiz night.

Here’s some of the pictures, and the sheets.

This one was.. can you give the 1st and last names of the children pictured?    We got 17/22.

Anyway,… here are the questions that I think were pretty interesting:

  • What is the religion of Krusty the clown?
  • What boy part of Jebidiah Springfield made him recognisable as a pirate?
  • What substance did Frank Grimes prevent Homer from drinking, thus saving his life?
  • What is the football team Homer wants to own?
  • What is the name of Homer’s bat in the softball episode?
  • According to Homer, what is the cause and cure to al of life’s problems?
  • In the Stone Cutters episode, what is the stone called that is attached to Homer after they find out he is the chosen one?
  • What is the name of Mr Burns’ son?
  • What is Apu’s cousin’s name?
  • Which US president was Milhouse named after?
  • What were the 3 towns hat were sold Monorails before Springfield?
  • What did Homer use to jam the door shut when space shuttle was returning to earth?
  • What were the names of the 2 tiger tamers/ magicians?
  • Which cartoon characters did Homer Simpson voice?
  • What was Ned Flanders’ profession before he opened the Leftorium?
  • What does Mr Smithers collect?
  • What is the IQ of Homer Simpson?
  • What was the name of Lionel Hutz’s Real Estate agency?
  • What is the name of Bart’s childhood plush toy he grew up with?
  • What is the cost of the phone bill when Bart rings Australia on a reverse charge call?
  • Which countries does Hank Scorpio give Homer as an option to blow up?
  • What was the name of the law being proposed to remove foreigners from Springfield?
  • What was the ‘Happiest day’ of Ralph Wiggum’s life?
  • Which war was Seymour Skinner held as a Prisoner of War?

The group that won?  I think they studied their arses off.  If this kind of quiz night comes up again, I think we’ll be sure to do the same.