D-list Supervillain – books 1-4 review

Narrated by: Jeffrey Kafer
Series: D-List Supervillain, Book 1

The book series is interesting, especially the 1st one – Origins of a D-List Supervillain.
The title is catchy too, you wonder… why D-list?  Is he that bad?

Premise of the series

We follow Cal Stringel a brilliant but under-respected employee of Promethia Corporation, a company that makes weapons systems… and is owned by a guy called Patterson who has put all this technology into a suit, essentially making him a super hero.

Yes, this is a world in which there are super heroes, and Lazurus (the name of Patterson in the suit) is much like Iron Man.

Cal asks for recognition for his work by demanding that his name is put on the patents for the inventions he makes but he’s subsequently denied, he resigns and then finds out the company makes it impossible for him to get work in a similar field.

After this company basically destroys all chances Cal may have, he turns to a life of crime by building his own mechanical super suit, and deciding to rob a bank. He’s caught and meets all manner of interesting people in what follows.

Similar to other stories?

The story is much like Iron man although asks the question, what if Tony Stark wasn’t the genius he claims to be, and instead is just an arrogant bastard that stands on the backs of others achievements and takes them as his own?

A bit like what Bill Burr was getting at when he was talking about Steve Jobs.

Bill Burr making fun of the fact that clearly Apple wasn’t all about Steve Jobs, that clearly there were a team of engineers behind him actually producing it, writing the code, coming up with innovations etc, yet he gets all the credit for it.  Kind of makes him sound like a megalomaniac.

Also the story brings to light the wrong doings of apparent super heroes, but not being able to think like villains, ie the whole- arrest the person, but don’t kill them, only for them to kill a whole bunch more people when they break out of jail a few months later.

Or causing ginormous collateral damage and expecting a round of applause for saving a bunch of people from a disaster that they might have caused, or through their inactions.. had a role in causing.

It very much points to the Avengers in this regard. And like I said, specifically at Iron Man.

Narration/ Performance

The guy that does the narration is Jeffrey Kafer, he’s the same guy that does Villains Rule… which is not great, so when you hear him you end up think of that.  However this book series is far better…or at least the 1st book is very good.  And so in the end his performance suits the characters very well.  No complaints.

Book by book

Origins of D-list Supervillain   (book 1), 7hrs 1 min

Cal’s life turning to shit, and then deciding to  become a supervillain, and create his on mechanical suit. And many of the people he meets as he’s starting up.

Confessions of a D-list Supervillain  (book 2), 5 hrs 46 mins

Takes up right after the 1st one ends.  Cal makes some pretty powerful friends, fights a deadly outbreaks of bugs that mind control people, ends up being a hero, and gets a few beautiful girls along the way.  Doesn’t get any of the credit for the hero work though.. and at some point in time, decides to fake his own death.  Ends up somehow managing to add basic magic to his powers.

Secrets of a D-list Supervillain (book 3), 6hrs 27 mins

This book isn’t really a new book by itself, but it more fills in some of the gaps from book 2.  Basically there is a big surprise at the end of book 2, and we don’t really know how it came to be.  Book 3 fills that in.  His massive upgrades in his suit and how he got there, his plotting and revenge plans for how to take out the Iron Man -like arrogant douche bag that screwed him over.  His work on an actual super hero team for a little while. Plus, he ends up recruiting a rogue force to his team.  Introduces ‘The Profecier’ a guy that sees prefecies and has been getting a kid to deliver postcards with an instruction on them to slect people throughout the last 15 years or so.  1 was sent to a hero called ‘The Bugler’ (trumpet kind of thing) calling him to be at a certain place leading to the arrest of Cal in his 1st bank robbery from the 1st book.  Cal ends up receiving a similar postcard.

Rise of a D-list Supervillain  (book4), 5 hrs 12 mins.

Cal’s team of ‘New Renegades’  team filled with heroes and former villains alike try to infiltrate a major super villain to try and save the world.  Cal creates a suit that is able to mix magic with engineering and during some parts changes himself to a reptilian-human hybrid.  Introduces the concepts of aliens at some point, and how they play into the super hero world.


The 1st book in the series, is by far the best.   I’d really recommend this one.
The 2nd book is not so bad, 3rd book fills in some of the holes.
4th book though, …the series really starts to lose its lustre.

The books are quite short, so you can fly through them pretty quickly. The whole series so far is only 24 hrs 26 mins.

But as always, if you’re not a fan of the fantasy/ super hero kind of genre… then you’re not going to enjoy this.
If you ARE a fan of Marvel or DC comics though, there’s a very good chance you’ll love this.