Review of Scott Meyer’s <Out of Spite, Out of Mind> audiobook

Narrated by: Luke Daniels
Series: Magic 2.0, Book 5
Length: 7 hrs and 33 mins
Release date: 06-19-18

So, the 5th Off to be the Wizard book.  How is it I hear like-minded people asking?

Well, its certainly better than the 4th which was more like an interlude about creating dragons & trying to get them back, however in my opinion it wasn’t as good as the 3rd (about the game that the characters find themselves stuck in) but probably on par with the 2nd book. (With the murder plot against Brit in Atlantis)
This is because both the 2nd book and this book both deal with time paradoxes.  Whereas the 2nd is more philosophical about it all, this one …ends up experiencing the paradox.

And in fact is one of those more-complicated-than-it-should-be self-fulfilling paradoxes.

So what is the plot?

The plot summary from audible is pretty decent:

When you discover the world is a computer program, and you figure out that by altering the code you can time travel and perform acts that seem like magic, what can possibly go wrong?

Pretty much everything.

Just ask Brit, who has jumped around in time with such abandon that she has to coexist with multiple versions of herself. Now, Brit the Elder finds that her memories don’t match Brit the Younger’s. And there’s the small matter of a glitch that’s making Brit the Elder’s body fritz out. Brit the Elder’s ex-boyfriend Phillip wants to help her, but he’ll have to keep it secret from his current girlfriend, Brit the Younger, who can’t stand her future self.

Meanwhile, Martin is trying to protect Phillip from a relentless attacker he somehow hasn’t noticed; Gwen is angry because Martin accidentally proposed to her; Gary tries to help the less fortunate, with predictably disastrous results; and an old nemesis might have to be the one to save them all.

In ‘Out of Spite, Out of Mind’, our fearless wizards discover the biggest glitch in their world’s program may well be themselves.

©2018 Scott Meyer (P)2018 Audible Originals, LLC


Whilst the book focuses on Brit as the main character, for which I’ve previously found to be the most annoying character, it also brings back many more that really adds to the humour of the whole story, such as agents Miller & Murphy, Jimmy, Gilbert & Syd (the 2 magicians residing in the year 1907 and acting as actual magicians).

The interactions with Agent Miller & Murphy with Jimmy is pretty damn funny.  And there’s a mystery character in there which keeps your intrigue.

Also, all the discussions of the multiple Brits were interesting, there are mainly 3 in fact, but as it introduced you to Brit the even elder who is living in the future, you get to see a wide range of possibilities for future stories

The only thing is that halfway through you can kind of see the end coming.

Whilst the book is very clever, and does open new possibilities for future books and story lines, and I assume that this book had to be done, it’s one of those things where I wish it was a bit better.  I don’t quite know how to word that, but that’s essentially it.


If you’ve listened to the series thus far, definitely listen to this book.  Even if you’ve listened to 1, 2, 3 but skipped 4, you could still listen to this and enjoy it.

If you haven’t listened to the others in the series, then it’s not for you, but read my reviews on the other.

I think the main thing about it is that while the 1st book and the 3rd book are light hearted and still add to the story, this book was a bit heavier and while still enjoyable it just didn’t have the same feeling.  Therefore I’m looking forward to the 6th book, sounds like it could be very interesting.

Side note.  I’ve always really liked the cover art, the kind of IT crowd, digitised minecraft kind of representation of the characters.  I really hope that in the future they make a cartoon episode version of the Off to be the Wizard series.

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