So it’s the start of a new year.

I’ve done a few challenges for myself during last year (2018):

  • I’ve tried giving up on sugar twice, and it worked… but, I had some stomach problems, and it turned out that eating a bit of sugar actually helped calm that down.
  • I did a challenge in November where I went to the gym every day for that whole month.

…That… was shit.  I do NOT want to be doing that again.  But I really learnt the value of taking it slow and spacing out exercises a lot more. It kept the motivation up, as in if there was a day that I really didn’t feel like doing it… then I would just promise myself I’d just go and do some basic exercises, but once there I had the motivation to get a lot more things done.

  • Oh and, I’ve pretty much given up drinking alcohol. (since Jan 1st 2018) That’s a story for another time, but I’ve felt a very positive effect with that, not just for myself but within my family as well, and a good knock on effect for people around me.  I’ve had a few drinks here and there, but my mentality is on not drinking, and I feel pretty good about this decision.

Why now?

So, new year, new challenge.

I’m not one of these kinds of people that likes making new year’s resolutions, because I firmly believe that if you want to do something, you shouldn’t wait until some arbitrary date to begin it.

Begin it when you have the motivation, and if you have this bright idea now…then do it now.

But, the reason I began this particular challenge on the 1st of Jan is because it’s a 100 push-ups a day for 100 days.  And basically I want an easy timescale.
So the 39th day of the challenge for instance will be the 39th day of the year.
Just keeps things simple.

So the challenge?  Yep, its 100 push-ups, every day, for 100 days.

There’s quite a lot of videos & articles online about people trying this challenge… a lot from buzz feed actually.    This is a great article.

The challenge however is normally for 30 days.

Yet the challenge I’m giving myself is for 100 days. Therefore I’ll be officially finished on April the 10th   2019.

Here’s a guy that’s been doing it for a year and a half.

He has some interesting things to say to all the critics that say your body needs rest.
Essentially that your body will get used to whatever is thrown at it.

Keeping track of it

I will document my thoughts on my phone for difficulties, or any thoughts that I have with regard to this challenge, but I will not be one of those people taking before and after photos.

My goal is to do it, and to hopefully gain a bit more definition.

As I’ve been going to the gym in the Netherlands during end of 2016-2017…and then had a serious hiatus due to the motorbike accident mid 2017, but then also resuming since coming back to Australia, I feel like I’ve added a lot more muscle and definition to my body, and I’ve been so far happy with the results.  I always hoped for more… but learning about your own body is always a process, so it’s not going to happen perfectly, and I’m relatively fine with that.

Yet, at the gym I’ve been doing machine weight training, meaning pretty much no free-weights.  This is because with all the various injuries, I can’t rely on all parts of my body to work perfectly if they’re needed to work altogether with other parts to lift some sort of massive free weights.

Which is why I stick to the machines.

But… the goal was always to build up the strength in the weaker parts so that I can begin calisthenics.  Which is essentially the practice of using your own body weight for exercise training.

In calisthenics you develop lean, dense, but defined muscle.
The more you weigh, (because you’ve put on muscle), the more you will put on muscle because you’re constantly lifting your body which is becoming heavier and heavier.

Hope for this challenge

So… I’m hoping that this 100 push-ups every day for 100 days, can be a predicator to lead into this calisthenics training later on.

I hope to gain a bit of definition, and I hope to get my body used to doing such exercise, to condition my body for this kind of stuff.

So far it is the 4th of January, and I’ve done it every day, meaning that I’ve already done 400 push-ups.

Just think, by the end of this challenge… I would have done 10,000 push-ups.

The rules?

The rules are the same as my gym every day for a month. Which are… if its not possible to do what’s required for the challenge in that day.. then I’m exempt.

For instance. If I was up in Perth & staying the night, and the gym was down in Mandurah… then I couldn’t do it… so I didn’t have to.

Same for the push-ups… if somehow I’m on a plane journey for an entire day. (I’m not going to the USA anytime soon… so I doubt that will happen)  but in that highly unlikely case… of if I’m involved in an accident…. Well then… the time will stop, and I’ll resume at a time that I can do it.

When to do them?

The challenge isn’t 100 push-ups in a row.  It’s just 100 push-ups over the course of the day.

I look at it this way, if you warm up a dish in the microwave, that’s 2 mins right there.  You can bust out 20 push-ups.

Before you take a shower, you bust out another 20 push-ups.

You’re a little bored, and don’t really want to work on your next task… boom, do 10 push-ups.

If you’re feeling good and you are doing 20 in a row, do another 10.

Before you go to bed, you do whatever you have left-over, hopefully it is only 10 or 20.

A day is considered over when you decide to call it quits for the day, ie. When you go to sleep. So, if you go to sleep at 3am, even though its technically the next day, it’s still the end of YOUR day.  Therefore that still counts.

I have found so far, by the time I go to bed, I’ve either done all of them, or only have 10 left to do or so.

Am I worried?

Kind of, I can see myself getting tired and frustrated early on, much like the gym every day for a month thing, but I think the results and satisfaction of completing the challenge will be worth it at the end.

I also hope to have a bit of discipline with this, and be able to show to others, and prove to others through having done/ attempted (depending on the results) this myself, what such a thing feels like and whether it’s possible or not.

I get really annoyed when people seemingly talk out of their arse by saying things aren’t possible, when they haven’t tried… so this is something that I’m willing to give a shot, just so that I know for myself.

Will keep this article updated as I go along….

Update 23rd Jan 2019

  • I’ve done it every single day so far.
  • I’m not finding it difficult to fit it in.  Just don’t try and do them all at once
  • Do 20 coming out of the bathroom, 20 after forgetting something in your room, whatever, just space it out
  • I do the majority of them at night

Benefits so far?

  • I seem to be sleeping a lot better.  Like all the way through when I do choose to go to sleep
  • I don’t really feel stronger, however I feel like my push-up stamina has increased. I managed to do 41 in a row a few days ago before I got bored.

Update 8th Feb 2019

Its currently 8th of February , and I’ve done the 100 push-ups every day, no exception, even when I was staying in a hostel for 2 nights. (did it in the shared bathroom, on the floor)

I’ve started noticing a difference in the mirror as I get out the shower or before I put on a t-shirt.

My back feels a little stronger, and I think… think.. that there’s slightly more muscle around my shoulders.  (not being sarcastic, just cautious… there’s definitely a change.. but I’m not sure what it is)

Another positive, is that I think my metabolism has increased a bit. I feel hotter during the day, and I feel like my appetite has changed a bit.

I still don’t eat breakfast,
But I feel like I want to eat a bit more for lunch, and comparatively less for dinner.

I do my push-ups mainly at night before I go to bed, maybe an hour or 2 hours before I go to bed.

I don’t know if that has any effects on my appetite or anything.  But so far it’s interesting to feel how all of this works- trial and error with my own body, not just reading online what others have done, what not to do, what…apparently doesn’t work… and eventually being content and somewhat justified to do nothing.

The push ups haven’t become any easier, it’s still a chore to do, yet one that I feel is now paying off.

So I have the attitude of  ‘I GET to do 100 push ups, I GET to do another 20 more’ ; rather than I HAVE to do 100 push ups, or I HAVE to do 20 more’

I think that change of attitude is fairly good to have.

I will say that my back hurts a bit, but these are the muscles that support the back, the same muscles that you use in a full push up. (if you do a push up from the knees, you won’t feel this as much)

Overall, I find that if I sit up straight when I’m working, this feels a lot better.  (As it should do in every situation I think, yet I’m more keen to do this in my particular situation now)

So for total days so far for doing this challenge… its 38 days, meaning that I’ve done 3,800 push-ups so far since the beginning of this year.

How many have you done?