Thoughts, & review on Super Sales on Super Heroes – book 3

Narrated by: Nick Podehl
Series: Super Sales on Super Heroes, Book 3
Length: 12 hrs
Release date: 01-29-19

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I actually don’t know what’s going on, I feel like I’ve missed a book on magic or something…. However I listened to book 2 and there was only a little bit of that.

It’s a long book to listen to for not much happening.


It’s the 3rd book of a series that I’ve enjoyed before. Book 1 was pretty good at least, so it’s only natural that I listen to the rest of the series.

But, I think this might be the last one I listen to.

Summary of book

You can read the official publisher’s summary on  Yet let me sum it up here for you, to save you the time.

-Main character is involved in a war that was only briefly described in the previous book.
-Portals are involved
-He meets his half-brother from another plain of existence, who happens to be a demi-god.
-They trade & help each other out
-Some gods are after him, but we never find out why.
-Stuff happens but its not really of any consequence.
-There’s a lot more weird ‘harem’ stuff.  For which I had to look up the word, basically a collection of women fulfilling fantasies, usually sexual in nature for 1 guy. (turns out this is a genre now)
-He goes on various journeys of which once again none are really of consequence apart from to add more characters to the story.
-The world seems to be ending, but we are never really given the reason why.

Everything wrong with the book

Whilst the previous 2 books had the genre of super heroes/ fantasy… this was of the genre ‘harem’ which is basically fantasy revolving around a group of sexy girls pleasing 1 guy.

I had no idea this was a genre before this book… and I actually had to look it up.

There is ZERO character development.  I whole heartedly agree with the reviewers (negative) on As a lot of them have pointed out, it’s laid out like the main character is already perfect and can think of everything therefore its just a book explaining how he is correct and everyone listening to him explaining why his plans are the best.  Therefore no character development.

Ok, so main character perfect, that seems pretty silly… because where do you go from there?  But what about the other characters?

The book doesn’t actually go into details about them either.

The whole concept was about upgrading characters powers, abilities, to develop more and prepare them for ever greater wars or challenges.  Which is a pretty interesting concept, it’s the same kind of feeling you get from playing Gran Turismo and saving up (in the game) to complete different stages and upgrade your favourite car.

But the story didn’t focus on that at all.  Supposedly according to the end of book 2, the main character is now the leader of an entire population reaching the 1000’s of people living in a community called ‘Legion’, all these people and main characters had their own contributions and added to the story, however this entire part of the story was just dismissed.

It’s a real shame.

This book is pretty much just 12 hours, yes 12 hours of fluff material.


For those of you that haven’t read the series… Don’t read this book.  Maybe… maybe go for book 1, and leave it as that.

For those of you who have followed the series thus far, 100% don’t listen to this book.  If book 4 proves to be something worth listening to…  you actually won’t have missed anything from not listening to this book.  In fact you will have just saved 12 hours of your life.

All in all, this book was basically a waste of time.  Use it for sleeping… but nothing more than that.

For reference here’s some other reviews (in picture/ screenshot format from audible). I would agree with the vast majority of these.