What I am aiming to do?

No sugar for a week  +  a work article every day for 1 week

No sugar – because I feel myself getting fat, and I’m feeling bad about it.
I’ve done my 100 push-ups a day for 100 days, and in fact I’m still doing that, but while the chest and arm muscles are feeling decent I’m feeling let down by the level of fat around my waist.

Time to do something about that.

Also, last time I did this challenge I felt more awake and I found it easier to concentrate on things that I needed to do.

Write a work article every day for a week – I’m getting to the point where I’m heading back to Australia, the website is finally going to be transferred to my server, and I would love to be able to put a decent amount of articles up.

This is for a project that I’m doing to promote Chinese & international travel to Western Australia.

Plus, the more articles I’m able to write now, it takes the pressure off for later.

As an added benefit, it also gives structure for the other things I need to do like linking, itinerary planning, and video production.

Why am I doing it?

No sugar for a week = to lose a bit of weight

Write a work article every day for a week = to actually get shit done, and take pressure off the vast amount of things I still need to do for this project.

When does it start?

Friday 19th April 2019.


I don’t know how many people do diets or challenges like this. But I’ve found if you want to stop eating one thing, it’s good to substitute to something else.

In Australia it’s easy to do this, not eating potato chips anymore? Have a piece of fruit, have some nuts.

Thailand, less so.

Part of snacking …with sugar, or with anything is just because you’re feeling bored and need a break.

So instead of eating I’m going to take a couple of deep breaths, have a stretch, drink some water and then do some exercises, whether that be squats, dips or push-ups.

This part isn’t necessarily part of the challenge, I just want to see if it works and I can get myself into a better routine/ habit.

As for the article writing… I guess same.  So far I haven’t got any strategies planned out in my head, but I’m sure I’ll see by the end of this challenge.

Wish me luck…